Overview of 2018

This is a little late. I am sorry for that and will make sure to do it on time in the future.

I got the idea for doing an overview of the year 2018 from my church friend Blakeley, at https://blakeleysblessedblip.wordpress.com/ . Make sure and check her blog out. ;D

The whole year of 2018 was an Amazing year and I enjoyed it very much.

January – 2018

In January, we had school as usual, and also went to my grandparents, who live in Arizona. We stayed there for a couple of days, and had a ton of fun swimming and having a blast with them.

My mom and I in the desert of Arizona.
My siblings and I swimming with my dad and grandma in Arizona!

I also went ice skating for the first time with my family, and we all had fun, even though we fell a lot. 😀

My sister incubated some chicken eggs, and in January, three chicks hatched!

At the end of January, I traveled with my cousins to Kentucky, where we were able to visit the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter. It was an amazing experience and I had a ton of fun traveling and sight-seeing with my extended family!

The Creation Museum!!
Inside the Creation Museum.
Going swimming!

February – 2018

In February, my dad had a birthday and there was Valentine’s Day. My friend and neighbor Hero (check out her blog – https://sincerelyhero.home.blog/) put on a Sweethearts’ Banquet for our parents. It was very hard work, but we had fun doing it and our parents enjoyed it (which was good, because that was the whole point of it. :D)

March – 2018

In March, I dyed my hair red with Henna and it is still VERY faintly in my hair. A little orange left, but not much. I had a lot of fun with that, and would totally recommend, not only for the brilliant color, but also for the natural benefits Henna has for your hair!

Some friends and I all went to Winter Jam, which is Christian Music’s Largest Annual Tour! It was absolutely amazing, and I plan to go this year, as well.

My church friend Hannah and I.

Hannah, me and my other church friend, Luna.

At the end of March, we attended the Teach Them Diligently Conference, in Rogers, Arkansas, along with my cousins. We had so much fun and I would highly recommend the conference! It was amazing and we were able to meet my favorite author, Chuck Black!

Two of my cousins, my sister and I at a session, goofing around while we wait for it to start. 😀
My siblings, Dad and I at the hotel, ready to check out some more sessions at the conference!

April – 2018

Not a whole lot happened in April, but the things that did do were a lot of fun.

We went to our town’s carnival we all got to go on a ride, so that was fun. I’d never been on an amusement ride before (crazy, right?!) and realized that I’m the type of person that loves the thrilling rides, not the easy-going ones. 😀

My dad and I next to the first amusement ride I’d ever ridden on.
My sister and brother went on this ride.

May -2018

May was a fun month, and my mom had her birthday this month.

My mom and some of my siblings and I all went to a Farmer’s Market in May while my dad and brother were on a business trip.

Also in May, my mom, some of my siblings and I went to one of our town’s Spring – Summer Music Nights.

I left on a business trip with my dad at the end of May, and you’ll hear more about that below, in June.

June – 2018

As mentioned above, I left on a business trip with my dad at the end of May, where I worked and traveled with my dad and his buddy, Eric. I got back about half-way through June, and was very glad to be home!

Here’s myself, shearing a sheep. This is what my dad does part of the year, as well as shearing alpacas and llamas!
Me, my dad and our buddy, Eric.

After I got home from the business trip, I enjoyed my summer break, and started doing Algebra, as I wanted to get a head-start before school started back up again.

July – 2018

July was a busy month, yet a very fun one! We had three puppies born to my brother and mine’s corgis and we had a lot of fun with them.

My brother and I with our three corgi puppies!

Me at some small falls in Iowa!

For the fourth of July, we went to Iowa to celebrate with most of my dad’s side of the family. We had a lot of fun and we were able to be in a parade! We were also able to visit some small falls in Iowa, and I enjoyed taking photos there (and selfies, lol.)

Most of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family. We were about to go in a parade!
While in Iowa, we were privileged to be able to see a Blue Bunny parlor in Les Mars, Iowa. We were able to eat some very good ice cream and look around the parlor. It was fun!

Left to right:
My dad (Marty), my brother (Ezekiel), Beth, Me, Luna, Lanie, Blakeley, Natalie, Kennedi and Youth Pastor (Hayden).

In the middle of July, my brother, dad and I all went on a mission trip to Texas. We were able to fix peoples’ houses that were destroyed in Hurricane Harvey, in 2017.

August – 2018

In August, we started school (sadly 😦 ) and did some other fun stuff!

Not the best photo of me (I absolutely detest this one, but oh well, it’s the only one that I have. :D), but here’s all of us kids the day we started school for the year!

We went to a homeschool roller skating day for the first time in August, and have gone ever since. We love getting to roller skate with fellow homeschoolers!

I took a job as a lawn-mower for a guy that we knew, who had once been our neighbor, but then moved to Florida. He was trying to sell his house and wasn’t able to mow the huge yard, so I took up the job and earned some cash during the rest of the summer! I did this job until October, and boy! was it hard work. I’ve never mowed so much in my life and was relieved when the house finally sold. 😀

We started a homeschool co-op in August and we absolutely love it! (I’m on the far right, with the burnt-orange shirt, next to my friend, Ryanne. :D)

September – 2018

By September, we had all of our corgi puppies sold and we were finally into a routine with school.

Our last puppy that we sold on the first day of September – Roxas. 😦

I took care of kids in our church’s nursery one week with my mom, and had a fun time with my baby brother and sweet little Elody.

We went to Texas for a vacation in September, and had a lot of fun going to the lake and just having a restful vacation.

Running into the lake in Texas!

October – 2018

In October, we were busy with co-op activities, school, traveling and just life in general. 😀

Jamestown Model with co-op friends!
Left to Right:
Collin, MJ (Below Collin), Savannah, Me and Clayton.

My History class at our co-op and I made a Jamestown Model in October, and I went with some of our co-op to a Bluegrass Festival that our town was hosting.

Bluegrass Festival!

Also in October, two of my younger siblings and I, along with my dad, went to Arizona to see my grandparents. We went to some fun restaurants, got to do K-1 Speed go-carting, went to a Rodeo and hiked Tom’s Thumb. It was very fun!

We hiked Tom’s Thumb and survived!

November – 2018

In November, we had our first snow, which was very exciting, because it doesn’t often snow where we live.


Thanksgiving dinner!

We had our Thanksgiving dinner (of course) and flipped pies, as that is our tradition, for Thanksgiving. We had fun, and my dad also did The Death Nut Challenge on this day. Painful for him, hysterical for us.

My dad doing the Death Nut Challenge. To see a video of him doing it, click the link below.


December – 2018

December was a month full of fun and I really enjoyed this month.

We went to a Renaissance Masquerade Ball at the beginning of December. It was for my friend’s birthday, as well as her friend’s, and my whole family dressed up and participated in the event. We all had a lot of fun!

My outfit for the ball!

Me with my best friends!
Left to Right:
Ryanne, Hannah, Me (I straightened my hair and wore glasses just for fun. :D) and Hero.

I went to a radio play of “It’s a Wonderful Life” with some friends for my birthday and we had so much fun!

Some of our co-op’s teenagers! (Definitely NOT all of them.)

On December 13, our homeschool co-op got together for a Game Day. We all hung out and played board games and then some of us teenagers took a group photo.

We had my mom’s side of the family over for Christmas Eve and it was fun to be able to hang out with cousins that we haven’t seen in awhile.

On Christmas Day, we opened presents and this was one of the presents that we got – the game Watch Ya Mouth. See a video below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky-wLjGKg78

And that was 2018 for my family and I. We had a lot of fun and it is probably my favorite year that I have lived (that I can remember, at least.)

Last year, at the beginning of 2018 (or it might have been the end of 2017, not sure.), I asked God for friends. I had really struggled with losing friends, either by them moving away, or just not being loyal, trust-worthy friends. And you know what? God answered that prayer of mine. Now, in 2019, I have so many friends and not enough time to spend time with all of them! It is truly an amazing answer to prayer.

That said, whatever you are going through, whether big or small, you can always go to God with it. Pray to Him and ask Him to help you. He may not answer as soon as you want Him to, but He will answer you. And He will always be there for you, whether it feels like it or not.

Hopefully 2019 will be just as amazing for you as 2018 was for me!


– Keziah ❤

Do You Want Prayer For Something Going On In Your Life? Comment Below and I Would Be Happy to Pray For You!

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      1. Haha! Love the humor!
        I was noticing how lovely all your hair styles are! I ttly get it, like, I love my hair color but the way it sits and such drives me crazy sometimes and I just want to keep it in a pony tails….that doesn’t look nice eather lol 😂

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      2. XD I usually don’t wear my hair up much, but have been realizing that I should more, even if I don’t like the way it looks.
        I love doing suuuuuper high ponytails for working and stuff, because it looks cute and keeps my hair out of the way. So you could try that!

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      3. Haha, IK high tails are the fashion trend rn, and they look super aw3ome; but with my high forehead and cowlick (ugh!!) I cant to that! 😭😭 thank you so much for the suggestion girl! Haha, lol, the struggles of hair!

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