Calling All Abolitionists (and those who want to be)

People get angry when there’s a shootout at a school and they become sad, wondering what is happening to our nation. They wonder how people could be so evil and not have a heart.

And yet, those VERY same people will go out the next day and have an abortion.

I ask you: How is that ANY different and ANY less wrong than a shootout at a school? I personally think that having an abortion is worse than someone shooting at a school. Why? Because most people think that it’s fine if someone decides to murder their child in their womb.

I ask you: How can you say that an embryo is not a baby, when it’s heart beats at just 18 DAYS? How can that not be a human being?

Abortions are usually “preferred” to be done before 13 weeks. And that baby can feel pain AT 10 WEEKS OLD.

Maybe you want to do something to help – something to free our country from this blood bath that happens every day.

Want to get involved? Check the link below:

And for locations to protest against this horrible crime:

Locations for the May 22 National Stericycle Protest

Oh God in heaven, have mercy on this heathen country and open the eyes of the blind so that they might see the truth.


30 thoughts on “Calling All Abolitionists (and those who want to be)”

    1. Yes!! It’s crazy how many people think that it’s “okay” to have an abortion. Like, oh yeah, I can go out and kill a preschooler at a Daycare and it would be okay because I don’t have “time for them in my life”. What is this world coming to that we think it’s okay to murder innocent beings?! Okay, I’ll stop ranting. XD

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      1. A lot of that is ignorance and the propaganda of those who know that they have eaten. It is so very sad and that’s why we need to keep fighting to show others that THEY ARE LIFE! We must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves! I just wrote a blog on abortion, so it was so cool to find that you have as well! 😀

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  1. Oh my gosh, yeesss!,! I have been struggling with the same questions with how people react! Like, they get horrified and angry when someone abuses a dog, but they don’t care that 125,000 babies are being murdered a day! You wrote this very well 🙂

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  2. Thank you for speaking out on this. Every life is so precious and it breaks my heart and angers me that people are so quick to justify the murdering of innocent life. There is no justification for abortion.

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  3. I agree with this article. God creates life and He loves life, and by having an abortion, you are basically killing someone and God says not to kill. Nicely written article, I commend you for having the guts for talking about this.

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