Valentine Sweethearts’ Banquet 2019

Hey all!

On February 9th, my friend Hero from OUT HER BLOG!!), and I put on a Sweetheart Banquet for our four parents. The result was a ton of hard work and lots and lots of cooking, plus babysitting all the 11 kids between our two families, but our parents absolutely loved the banquet!

It was our 2nd annual banquet that we’d put on for our parents, and we hope to continue the tradition every year from now.

Below are some photos from the banquet, to give any of you all an idea for a banquet you might want to have for Valentine’s Day, or just to have a nice, romantic dinner with your loved one. ❤

Here’s some lovely Gingerbread cookies that Hero and I made. We frosted them with Royal Icing, and the result was empty plates and not enough cookies to go around for everyone!
Here is our table!
The theme was German and Beauty and the Beast. Here is our “Be Our Guest” banner.
We had name cards set at each chair so that the guests knew right away where they were supposed to sit.

We made Apple Strudel for the dessert, and it was soooo good!

Here’s Hero looking at our recipes. 😀

Us cooking! (Photo credit to my mom – Thanks, Mom!)
This is Hero and mine’s “Baby Strudel” that we dubbed, “Aden”.

Here’s the couples playing a board game called, “Wits and Wagers”. It’s a very fun game and they loved it a lot!

The couples played a game where they had to be tied up, and then figure out how to get free without breaking the rope. They couldn’t figure it out and Hero had to show them how to get free!
The couples had a romantic dance at the end to a German love song.
The two couples – our parents.
Hero and I in our “waiter” outfits after the banquet.
Me hanging out with some of Hero’s siblings after the banquet!

And those are the photos! The banquet went amazingly well and Hero and I are already planning our banquet for next year.

Here’s a link to a video of it:


-Keziah ❤

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