American Video Productions

So, I stole this idea from one of my best friends, Hannah at (make sure to check her blog out!). She posted a couple of videos that she and her siblings had made and so I decided to do the same.

These are all VERY old and soooooooooo bad!!! Some of them are pretty long, so don’t feel pressured to watch the whole thing. 😀

In case you couldn’t figure out what the storyline is here (which you probably didn’t – it’s so confusing. XD), then here is the basic outline of what happened:

There are three princesses who’s parents were captured. The princesses don’t know where their parents are, and soon each of the princesses is captured one-by-one. It’s a REALLY stupid story, but it was fun to make. AND THIS WAS MADE YEARS AGO!!!

This is one of my most favorite videos I ever made when I was a kid. I was trying to show my “audience” (which literally consisted of no one except for myself) how to blow bubblegum, and in the process, I messed up. It is an absolutely HYSTERICAL video and my whole family CRACKS UP every time we watch it.

My cousin, sister and I made this short not very long ago. It’s about three girls who get lost in a forest while going home from school. At 3:47 in the video, when my cousin falls from the tree, she had been told to fake a fall, but ended up falling accidentally. So, when my sister and I act freaked out when she falls, we were slightly freaked out, and weren’t just acting. XD

This stop-motion video was made my brother Ezekiel, and I. It’s a Lego stop-motion video of the first book by Chuck Black in his series called, The Wars of The Realms (HIGHLY recommend it!! SUCH AN AMAZING SERIES!!!) This video is hard to understand if you haven’t read the books, so if you haven’t, THEN READ THEM!!!

This short was made with some friends of ours and our family. They came over for a play date, and we decided to make a short about a missing princess. It’s pretty hard to follow along UNLESS you were there making it with us, but we all had a ton of fun and just died of laughter as we made it.

This is the last video that I am showing you. It is a short production entitled, “Super Girl”. I star as Super Girl and my siblings star as the villains. It was a fun short to make and fairly easy to follow along.

I hope that you guys enjoyed watching these videos! They’re absolutely horrible, but I know that I enjoy seeing other kids try to make shorts, so here are my family’s! Make fun of them all you want, it’s what they’re here for. XD


-Keziah ❤

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