Love Conquers ALL

There are many different ethnic groups of people throughout the world. Millions of people are crammed together in cities not big enough for so many people, while others are scattered around the globe. Thousands of people live in impoverished neighborhoods, while others don’t seem to have a care in the world and live in a home far too large for themselves.

     There are black, brown, white, red and bronzed people throughout the entire world. We are all human beings and we all have a purpose in life.

     Not everybody is American and not everybody is Chinese. We are all uniquely and wonderfully different from each other and we need to accept that as a fact. We, as a world, need to accept that nobody is going to be the exact same as us. Nobody is going to be perfect and not everybody is going to be nice.

     You can accept as a fact that our world is a broken place and is filled with hateful people. Or you can realize that this earth that we live on is filled with people that are hurting and need to be loved.

     Somebody doesn’t just go out and murder someone else for no reason. Everybody has a reason for everything that they do, even if they can’t seem to see it at the moment.

     When other ethnic groups join together in unison and help each other, everything seems to be looking up. When different ethnic groups mix together and are friends with each other, the world seems like a better place. When two different countries are joined together in peace, people start to realize that the world actually isn’t as bad.

      One of my most favorite times in history was on December 25th, 1914, during World War 2. The British and the Germans had been hard at work fighting against each other for days. Yet on Christmas day in 1914, both sides ceased fire. Both parties climbed form their trenches and shook hands with the other side. They sung Christmas Carols and even played a game of football.

     Staff Sergeant Clement Barker wrote of this to his brother, “A German looked over the trench – no shots – our men did the same, and then a few of our men went out and brought the dead in and buried them and the next thing a football kicked out of our trenches and Germans and English played football.”

     If men from over one hundred years ago from two completely different ethnic groups and countries could have one day set aside to call a truce and to have fun with each other, then why can’t we, as an entire world, set aside our lives to love one another?

     It’s an entirely impossible task to accomplish unless we have help, and that help comes from only One – Jesus Christ. He taught people to love one another, to turn the other cheek. He taught people to forgive those who do wrong to you, even if it means they never forgive you back.

      A life of love is what I call you to. I call you to take up the arms of LOVE and to set aside selfishness. It’s REALLY hard and I never said it would be easy. Jesus never said it would be easy. In fact, it’s probably the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in this thing called LIFE. But it’s the right thing to do and it’s far greater than Love.

     I’m not just talking to you, either. I’m mostly talking to myself. I can be totally selfish and not care a thing about anybody else in this world. I’m fighting Hatred right alongside you, my friend. Are you going to let Hate win, or are you going to fight back?



-Keziah ❤

What Did You Think Of My Post? Do You Agree With Me? I Would LOVE To Hear Your Thoughts On This Matter!

5 thoughts on “Love Conquers ALL”

  1. That is a very good post Keziah! It’s so sad that people are taught to be selfish right from little kids on up, always look out for number one, don’t care about anyone else. But that’s Bible teaches otherwise, it should be God first, then others and then ourselves. The true order for love and joy! Keep up with your wonderful writing and sharing!😁

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