Did You Know You Can WRITE A LETTER To The Queen Of England?!?

I’ve really gotten into writing letters to the royal family and have written to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for over 5 years (going on 6!) and absolutely love writing them!

As one might expect, you do not get a letter personally written by the Queen, but by her secretary. However, what I love about it is that they do refer to your letter and something that you wrote in your letter, so you know for sure that they actually read it, which I think is pretty cool. 🙂

Me with my royal letters!

I mean, the Queen of England receives 60,000 pieces of mail a year (that’s 5,000 letters a month!) so the fact that you actually get a letter back and they acknowledge what you wrote to them is pretty awesome.

But, down to business:

If you are at all interested in writing to the Queen of England, then her address is below:

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Unless you already live in England, you will have to airmail the letter to her, which means bringing it to the post office. The letter doesn’t take too long to get to you; only around 2-3 months.

When you write to the queen, make sure to refer to her as “Your Highness”, “Madam” or “Your Majesty”. This shows respect for the queen and is the polite thing to do.

If you are interested in writing to any of the other members of the royal family of England, then click the link below to the official Royal Family’s page, where you will find the rest of their addresses.


Happy writing!


-Keziah ❤

Have You Ever Written To Someone Really Awesome Before? Tell Me All About It In The Comments Below!

12 thoughts on “Did You Know You Can WRITE A LETTER To The Queen Of England?!?”

  1. So neat! I want to do this. Is Airmailing expensive? So you are pen-pals with the duke and duchess?? Wow! So cool!

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      1. Dude, Yeah!! You so should! It was for s school project, wrote to the president. It also happened to be the first couple weeks he was first in the house. It took 3 months to reply, and of course it was a secretary; but hey! Someone has got to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves. ;PWhat did u wrote to him the first time?

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