WSU – Weekly Scripture Unearthings

Hey all!

Time for another WSU – Weekly Scripture Unearthing! Again, I am not the best at writing my thoughts out like this, so please tell me if I sound like I am repeating myself or am ranting. Thanks!! 😉

      1 Timothy 6:12a (ESV):

“Fight the good fight of the faith.”

      We, as Christians, are called to a life of war. Not physically, but spiritually. Our lives are full of spiritual battles – the battles of good and of evil. All around us, even though we can’t see it, there is a spiritual battle waging. Even if it seems like we can’t do anything about it, there most definitely is! First, we can listen to the voice of reason, the voice of good. We can listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling us, rather than what Satan frantically tries to place in our hearts. Secondly, we can love those around us. Once you stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on others, you will grow to love others more, and not yourself. Thirdly, we can ask God to help us. In doing these things, we will be fighting the “good fight of the faith”. We will be accomplishing what God has called us to. Sure, it won’t be easy and it may seem like we are losing, but God will always be by our side, and with Him, we can fight the good fight, and we can WIN.

-Keziah ❤

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