Behind The Mass Shootings of America

Hey all!

     As of 2017, there had been around 300 school shooting JUST in the U.S since Columbine, which happened in 1999.

     In 2015, the average number of shooting on a school or college campus was 1 per week.

     In 2018, the Gun Violence Archive said that they had recorded 340 mass shootings in the U.S. That’s just about one mass shooting PER DAY of 2018.

     A lot of people point these facts to the idea that it’s the fault of the guns, that if we didn’t carry guns, then we wouldn’t have so much shootings. I beg to differ.

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     I will first start by pointing out that, out of the 323 million people that live in the United States, more than 150 million of them play video games, 42 percent play regularly, or at least three hours a week. Doing the math, that it half of America’s population wasting 156 hours per year on video games. That’s only for one person. Doing all of the math, I calculated that half of Americans waste 23,400,000 hours on video games.

                   How lame is that?

     Okay, you say, that IS crazy, but we’re talking about GUN SAFETY, not the perils of video games.

     You’re very right. But I believe that video games, TV shows and movies play into a huge part of all of the mass shooting that happens around the world.

      I researched a ton and couldn’t find any sort of poll of stats that showed what states played the most video games or anything like that. However, I did find out that, while 25% of Americans say that they play non-violent video games, 75% of Americans said that they played violent video games. Another test showed that men played video games more than video games. Now, I’m not trying to be sexist or anything, but I will say that, of those that have been the cause of mass shootings, men have been far greater in this than women have.

     So, if 150 million Americans in the U.S. played video games and 112 ½ million admit to playing violent video games, then isn’t there at least a SLIGHT chance that some of the mass shootings that happen in America are a cause of all of the violence that is put before our eyes?

     I get very annoyed when people say that the cause for all of the shootings is because of gun laws. That’s just plain stupid. If you look at the stats, the states with the MOST gun laws are actually the ones with the most shootings. Crazy, right?

     My thoughts on the whole matter is this:

     If we want to change the rate of gun violence in America, then we need first to look at our hearts. We can make the gun laws as high and impossible as we want, but we can’t change the evil in someone’s heart. So keep loving those around you, because you never know what it could do, or what it could stop.

Just something to think over. 🙂


-Keziah ❤

15 thoughts on “Behind The Mass Shootings of America”

  1. 1st: I would be VERY careful when discussing this subject.
    2: I strongly disagree. There is no scientific background to the fact that men who play video games are more likely to shoot up a school. If that’s the case, then I want to know what video game has existed throughout history. Violence and the killing of innocents, especially children, is something that has existed since the beginning of time, as demonstrated again and again in the Bible. Hitler didn’t play video games, and yet look what happened to him. Also remember that only 40% of video game players play violent video games, and only 1/2 of those play extremely violent video games. That’s two of every 10. Now, of those 2/10, only a small fraction actually enjoy violence. The rest only do it because the game is fun and well thought out. I also suggest reading this article

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    1. Hey Elisha,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate your input. I will read that article; thanks so much for including that in your comment.
      I’m not one to argue on here about things, but I enjoyed reading your thoughts and will think on what you said. Thanks again!


  2. You’re absolutely correct! Criminals will still be getting guns regardless of how many laws are passed! Gun laws change nothing but disallowing law abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves.

    And heaven forbid the police and military only allowed guns.

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      1. You’re very welcome!

        People buy into the “guns are bad” theory because they believe peace can be legislated. Bad people (hearts) and the black market are always going to be here until Christ returns.

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  3. It’s generally not a good idea to include a phrase such as “I’m not trying to be sexist, but…” in your article because it sets off a lot of red flags instantly. It is very easy to read it as “Please hear out my blatantly sexist belief instead of bombarding me with righteously angry comments”. Furthermore, it has been proven time and again that video games are not related to an increase in violence. Video games were practically nonexistent in the 1960s, in their infancy in the 1970s, and not particularly violent in the 1980s, yet all three of those decades had a very high number of active serial killers. What happened during the time video games became more violent? The number of active serial killers dropped dramatically. It’s true that they’ve been largely replaced with these spree killer shooters who want instant gratification, but it still translates to fewer murders overall.

    On top of that, one has to be careful when interpreting statistics. People, spending a far greater time around horses, die more on an annual basis from horses than sharks. Therefore, by taking those statistics at face value, one would do better to swim in shark-infested waters than spend time in the company of a horse. Similarly, although many places such as Chicago have strict gun laws while still having a gun violence rate, it’s because the criminals are getting their firearms from other sources. Indiana in particular is rather lax when it comes to gun control, and as it turns out, 6 out of 10 guns recovered from Chicago crime scenes originated from out-of-state dealers. It stands to reason that, rather than deal with the tough gun laws and thereby draw unnecessary attention to themselves, they’d simply go to Indiana (or other places with looser gun laws) and get their weapons there.

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    1. Thank you so much for telling me that, I will remember it in the future.
      Great thoughts! I’m not one to argue here, but I enjoyed reading your thoughts and appreciate your input. Thanks again!


  4. Keziah, first of all, I think you are VERY brave to post about this subject because the topic is very controversial. Also, I agree with what you are saying, but I also think a big problem is that there are gun laws and so every law abiding citizen follows the rule and gets rid of their guns, but the people doing the shootings obviously aren’t law abiding citizens and so they don’t listen. Then, that gives them an advantage because they know no one else will be holding a gun, so they can shoot without getting harmed themselves. That is why, as you said in the post, there are more shootings in states with more laws against guns. And that is also why there are so many shootings in schools, because NO ONE is allowed to carry weapons including the security. Thanks for being brave enough to post about this! ^^

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