Go M.A.D.

Hey all!

I was recently told something that my grandpa used to tell his kids when they were actually kids. 😀 He would say, “Okay kids, I want you to GO MAD!”

That probably sounds like an odd thing to tell your kids. Maybe even a foolish thing to say, unless you just enjoyed disciplining your kids. But what he said after explained what he meant.

“I want you kids to go out today and GO MAD. Go Make A Difference.” Get it now?

I think that it’s a great thing to remember. My dad keeps telling us kids this and I love it! I’ve even recently been writing it on the inside of my wrist with a sharpie to remind me as I go about my day (I do that a lot with random, short quotes that I find inspiring. :D)

So, instead of staying inside all day and not doing anything or feeling sorry for yourself for various reasons, I encourage you to go out today and GO MAD! Go make a difference in somebody’s life! Go tell someone about Jesus, go tell the Gospel, go live out your faith. You never know – it may make a difference in someone’s eternal life. How cool is that?

GO M.A.D!!!!


-Keziah ❤

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