STATUS: Addicted to Screens

Hey all!!

Back again with another “STATUS” part of my series that I have been doing. This is only the second, and I’m not quite sure how many I will be doing; who knows? 😉

Okay, so today we are here to talk about: Addiction to Screens

This is one of my current statuses, and I’m sure that a lot of you would agree with me that you, too, are under this status and that it takes up a LOT of your time, am I right?

The fact that we are surrounded by screens just about everywhere we go, isn’t a surprise that SO much of people’s lives is full of them.

We are surrounded by a culture that keeps giving us more and more social media apps and showcases the “fun” and “possibilities” we have when we are on screens so much.

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There are tons of tests that have been done, in regards to how much time people these days are looking at screens. Whether it be your phone, laptop, TV, iPad, video games, or any other random electronic, you most likely spend a good amount of time on it.

Granted, there are a lot of times when being on these devices is good. When I write for this blog, I have to be on a screen. I have some school that I do on a screen. I don’t currently have a phone, so I communicate a lot with my friends via email.

Those aren’t bad things; in fact, they’re pretty good. But, even if they’re good, I need to watch the amount of time that I spend looking at a screen.

I’ve recently been trying to get better at not being on a screen so much. I can’t really help how much time I am on a screen with school, but I can help how much time I take emailing friends.

I am DEFINITELY guilty of this. I can spend wayyyyy too much time online than I should, and I know it. One thing that I’ve realized is: The more time I spend looking at a screen, the harder time I have getting along with my family. Why? I’m not completely sure, though I feel like looking at a screen for so long starts to drain you emotionally. Now, I don’t have anything to back me up on this, but that’s how it is with me and it’s scary.

My parents and I have also decided to take a break, every Sunday, from media. This includes email, social media, YouTube and most everything using a screen. Sure, sometimes we watch a movie on Sundays and sometimes we talk on the phone to friends, but as a general rule, we’ve been taking Sundays off from media.

And you know what? It’s been amazing. I do so much more things that I wouldn’t have done before, since I know that I can’t go online for that whole day. It’s really amazing and I encourage you to try it. You’ll be surprised by how hard it will be for you, yet how refreshing and powerful it can be at the same time!!

One thing that drives me CrAzY is when people are on their phones when they are surrounded by other people. For example:

I attended a birthday party for a friend of mine’s, not too long ago. I didn’t know many people there, so I decided that I would try to make new friends.

Ha! Like that worked. Do you know how HARD is it to try to talk to someone who is constantly on their phone? It’s extremely frustrating and hurtful.

I ended up being able to get to know one girl a little bit, but she got drawn into the whole let’s-be-on-our-phones-all-the-time thing and so I was pretty much just left to myself.

Since when did our society become SO obsessed with phones, that we have to have them out during mealtime? Mealtime is a time when you should be conversing with those around you, talking eye-to-eye. It’s extremely rude and immature to be on your phone while eating a meal with someone else. I don’t care if you’re the only one not on your phone, don’t give in! You can be a great example without even knowing it. And if you don’t decide to stay off your phone, then who will?

My challenge to you is:

Don’t give in to what our culture tells you to be like. Get off your phone, take a break and look around you. There’s SO much you miss out on, if all you’re focusing on is what’s in the palm of your hand. Let’s go out today, realizing that there’s more to life than “likes”, “follows” and our friends’ texting us. Let’s go out and be known for NOT being on our phone all the time.

Let’s Get Unaddicted.


-Keziah ❤

29 thoughts on “STATUS: Addicted to Screens”

  1. Yes!!!!!!

    Now I’ll admit I have a problem with this sometimes too. But that doesn’t mean I like being that way. I know you’re right.

    I’m a teacher in real life; I don’t remember if I ever told you that. On the last day of school, grades have already been turned in, there’s not much for the students to do, so I tell them they can just hang out and sign yearbooks and stuff. The first question I always get is “Can I use my phone?” The answer I always tell them is “No! You have all summer for that? You’re not going to see these people for two months! Interact with them!”

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      1. If I remember right, you’re homeschooled and in another state, so I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but the trend around here is that schools want to show that we’re preparing kids for a new digital world. So schools are buying all this expensive equipment for students, which they use to play games and tune out when they’re supposed to be paying attention. And a lot of new curricula are entirely online, with no physical textbooks at all. I see the value in incorporating technology into education, but by completely detaching students from the real world, I feel like we’re creating at least as many problems as we’re solving, if not more. All of this concerns me…

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      2. Yeah, you’re right. I’ve heard about that. At a church we go to, a lot of kids are frequently on their phones, which concerns me deeply and I wish it wasn’t that way. It’s just going to get worse, though, and we need to strive to be the change in this screen-slaved culture…

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  2. Very good post, Keziah! I really agree. It’s sad when I’m somewhere and all people do is stare at their phones. I look all around me, and that’s all everyone’s doing! (Not everyone, I’m exaggerating a little, but it’s pretty frustrating.)
    I’m not saying I’m not guilty of looking at screens to much, I definitely am, (there are reasons I’m looking at them though, such as writing, blogging, and other hobbies. I hardly play video games at all. XD I should get outside more though.) but it’s surprising how many people will waste their life away checking social media and playing video games.

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  3. These things drive me MAD! I look around in a grocery store, and what are the bored people in line doing? SCROLLING! Ugg, thanks so much for expressing this in the same way :DD

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  4. Great post Keziah!! I agree, we are spending way too much time in front of screens and people just don’t know how to interact with each other anymore. I was out for lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for quite awhile and the first thing he did when he sat down was bring out his phone. And he was constantly texting all through lunch! We all should take regular breaks away from screens. I know since I injured myself a month ago that I spend much more time in front of my laptop, can’t really do anything right now and still have another month or two of recovery time ahead. But I still need to be careful about spending too much time with screens. Oh, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award
    Have a wonderful week Keziah!😃😺🌞

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  5. I definitely struggle with that too Keziah (full agreement right here!)
    I actually once just left all of the group conversations that I had online, and I could tell that my mood got a bit better (I was more happy, and actually did “physical” crafts (for me that’s cross-stitching or playing piano)).
    Another thing, which may help some people, is PLAN YOUR DAY!
    For me, school is done in 2 hours (and I am in Gr 11), and then I have all day… so I just want to encourage y’all to plan your day (with flexibility) to help you remove that device from your life.

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