Be the Entertainer, Not the Entertained

Sometimes, we just need to take pleasure in the simple things. So many people these days need to be entertained, in order to stay quiet, or to be pleased, in order to sit still. It’s a sad thing which has taken over our culture and has influenced many a human mind. We need to find ways to entertain ourselves. Ways which will influence our time in a wise and meaningful way. In which we won’t come away from having a headache from staring at a screen for so long, our thumbs sore from holding a video game controller, or our hearing gone from concert music blasting in our ears.

Now don’t get me wrong; movies, video games and concerts are great things. Wonderful, incredible things which God gave man the wisdom and maturity to create. I only wish these things weren’t what dictated our society’s form of happiness. I wish we, as a people, would set aside time in which we could entertain ourselves and not lean on others for this. To use our minds in ways we haven’t used them before. To create what has not yet been created. To think up what has not yet been thought up. To dream of what has not yet been dreamt of.

When we decide to be the entertainers, instead of the entertained, we set a higher goal for ourselves. Instead of spending money, we spend time. Instead of filling our heads with movie scenes, we fill our minds with new thoughts and ideas. Instead of using our hands to hold a controller, we use our hands to work for something of our own.

All these empower us in different ways. If each one of us were to put aside ten minutes a day to do something with our life besides being entertained, there would be so much more creativity in this world. Creativity is the art of the mind and when exposed, fills the earth with wonder. God gave each and every one of us at least one way in which we may be creative. We can choose to be entertainers and not be entertained. We can choose to fill our minds with new ideas and we can turn the simplest things into the most wondrous.

I’ll admit that I struggle with this myself. Having a blog, a YouTube channel, a growing photography business, an Etsy store and an abundance of amazing friends, it’s hard to not be staring at a screen all day. I have learned, however, that I need to step away from all of this, and I need to use my time for other things.

One of newest favorite pastimes is very simple and so easily to replicate. I have become fascinated by dictionaries. I thrive off of them. If it weren’t for dictionaries, our language would be so dull and colorless. Words bring life and meaning to sentences. This being said, I often get out our two, large dictionaries out of our library and I go through them. Not every word (at least, not yet!), mind you, but whatever letter interests me at the moment, I go through. It may sound dull in comparison to going to a concert or watching the newest Marvel movie, but I love this pastime of mine.

Mind you, you don’t have to read through dictionaries like I do, to past the time. All you have to do is something which ignites creativity inside of you. That’s it.

So, my challenge to you this week is rather simple:

Spend time being the entertainer and not the entertained. Be creative. Love what you do.


-Keziah ❤

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