Mission (Seemingly) Impossible: Finding Joy and What I Learned

You know, sometimes we write about and say things which we know to be true, but need more experience in. A while back, I wrote a post about finding joy in the hardest circumstances. The day it posted, I read over it and was happy with how many people seemed to like it. I was proud of what I had written.

Well, God apparently knew I needed more work in this area, because the next day, my little brother got sick with the stomach bug. Our homeschool co-op’s Chrismas party (also being the last day of our co-op for that semester) was the next day and Mom said that we weren’t going to go, seeing as we might be contagious.

Let’s pause here for a second and say that, if you haven’t yet figured out, I am a very extroverted person. I thrive off of being around people; it gives me energy and it makes me happy.

That being said, you can see how not going to the party would make me upset. I realized, however, that God was trying to teach me exactly what I had been telling others to do. He wanted me to live out what I was preaching.

This really isn’t the best example of a “hard circumstance”, but I found it rather humorous, the way God teaches us lessons. It’s a bit intimidating, writing blog posts about things we need to be learning from, knowing that God will most likely use the same thing, to teach me a lesson. I think anyone who shares a message which God has laid on their heart, has to realize that God may use it to teach them exactly what they are writing about. Often, God uses what we think we know the most about, to teach us that we still have so much more to learn, in all areas of our life.

So today, I just want to remind all of you that (1). My life is not perfect. I struggle with things just like you do, and while it may seem like I have a perfect life, I do not. I am a very imperfect person who just shares her thoughts and experiences with all of you. And, (2). We serve an absolutely amazing, perfect God who loves us no matter what. We need to live our lives out, serving and honoring Him. If that means going through some hard life lessons to learn how to better trust Him and honor Him, then bring them on! All the more chance for us to learn how to be a better follower of Jesus.


-Keziah ❤

23 thoughts on “Mission (Seemingly) Impossible: Finding Joy and What I Learned”

  1. Noicley said! I know how you feel; the same thing happened to us on Thanksgiving when our brother got sick, so we couldn’t go to a Thanksgiving party. So, super relatable post!

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  2. I dont know if you intentionally blocked comments on your latest post “Snow Day!!!” but this is what I was going to say:

    Cool, sounds fun! Still waiting for a flake of snow here. (It’s been a year!)


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