Voices In Your Head

Hey all!

I recently heard Lindsey Sterling and SWITCHFOOT’s collaboration, which they came out with long that long ago. There’s a link right below for you to check it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted to write a little bit about this song and just get my thoughts out to y’all, on this.

First off, I am definitely a fan of Lindsey Sterling, as well as SWITCHFOOT. I encourage y’all to check each out. If you like violin, you’ll love Lindsey Sterling. If you’re more into Christian Hip-Hop, then you’ll definitely like SWITCHFOOT. Either way, check them both out and hopefully you’ll like one of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now onto this post…

I think that we definitely have a problem in our culture with tearing each other down, rather than building each other up. So many of us are insecure, and we find security in showing the wrongs which exist in others. Problem is, that doesn’t make us look any better; it actually makes us look worse!

Yet, we continue to tear each other down. We, as a people, seem to take pleasure in hurting others with our words. This is completely wrong and there’s no reason why it should continue. Words are extremely important. Without words, Life would be so bleak and meaningless.

Even though we have the gift of Words, though, we still make Life seem bleak and meaningless to some. Why? Why do we have to be so hateful and cruel to our fellow humans? Why not use our words to bring Hope and Joy to those around us?

We often don’t know how much of an impact our words make, until it’s too late.

Sometimes, we need to shut out the voices around us that are screaming hateful words at us. We need to surround ourselves with the words of Jesus. The words that say, “I love you. You are worth something; I died for YOU. I’ll always be with you, even to the end.”

We need to shut out the voices of the culture, and listen to the voice of Jesus. His words are Holy and Pure. They are full of Joy and Hope.

All the while, we need to make sure that we are speaking words of Joy, Hope and Life, to those around us. We need to speak the words of Jesus to others; He should pour out of you, so much so, that it’s obvious to anyone that you’re a follower of Jesus Christ. I don’t want you to say you’re going to say nice words; I want you to put it into action.

That’s y’alls’ challenge for the week. Don’t leave me hangin’ – get brave and accept my challenge. After all, I’m going to be doing this right alongside you. ๐Ÿ˜‰


-Keziah โค

15 thoughts on “Voices In Your Head”

  1. Yo! I love that song! I’ve been listening to it so much for like the past 2 months! SWITCHFOOT and Lindsey Stirling are both awesome! Amazing challenge! I’m taking you up on it! This challenge also goes along with another song that I was listening to a few seconds ago. Speak Life, by TobyMac. Awesome post! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Thank you for sharing. I have a lot of thoughts about this.

    (1) I’ve never thought of Switchfoot as hip-hop before. But that’s probably because I’m more familiar with their early work, which sounded a lot less like hip-hop than their more recent work. (I know of Lindsey Stirling, but I don’t really follow her music or have strong opinions about her.)

    (2) I’ve heard the song before, but I’ve never seen the video, and I didn’t know the story behind it. WOW. People are such jerks. People blame the Internet for that, because on the Internet you can say mean things about people without having to interact with them face to face. But that doesn’t mean it’s the Internet’s fault. If you’re saying mean things on the Internet, those thoughts came from inside you in the first place. People are just jerks.

    (3) This has gotten me thinking about some specific interactions in my life… unfortunately, I can’t share too much, because it is related to my career, and I don’t talk about my career on here anymore because how I discovered my career is eventually going to be a story I’m going to tell on the blog, and I don’t want to give away spoilers. (Did I ever tell you what I do in real life? We can finish that thought privately if you want. But either way, I would appreciate your prayers in not making comments that are too unnecessarily negative in real life.)

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