32 Misconceptions About Flirting & Boy/Girl Relationships (Feat. Elisha McFarland)

Hey all!

Today, I am doing a collaboration with Elisha McFarland from the blog: Africa Boy. Y’all make sure to check his blog out; it is SO amazing!! You’re awesome, Elisha!!

In today’s world, we tend to judge people too easily, and make assumptions. Elisha and I are here today, to clear up the 20 most common misconceptions about girls and guys. I’ll be taking the girl’s side, and Elisha will be taking the guy’s side. 🙂

10 Misconceptions About Girls

                                 – Keziah

  1. All Girls Are Flirtatious, Overdramatic and Boy-Crazy
    Okay, sure. There are some girls of this stereotype. But that type does NOT make up the entire population of females! I have met many young women who do not flirt at all, are the opposite of being dramatic, and have never even thought about a boy in a romantic way, in their life.
  2. We All Take A Very Long Time In The Bathroom To Get Ready
    I, for one, absolutely do not take a lot of time in the bathroom. I have always seen no reason for it and I’m known for having taken a shower under three minutes. When girls take a while getting ready, it’s usually to do their hair (think curling or straightening hair) or doing make-up. Not all girls like that though, and they prefer their hair more natural and not as much (if any) make-up at all. So, no. Not all girls take a long time in the bathroom.  
  3. We Are All Very Emotional And Cry Easily
    We girls do tend to be more emotional than guys, but not all of us cry easily. I rarely cry, and I know plenty of girls who are the same way. Our hormones can get really crazy and throw us off, which is one reason why girls tend to be more emotional than guys. But we generally are not extremely emotional and just burst into tears, at every. single. sad. thing. That’s just not what the majority of girls are like.
  4. Girls Get Grossed Out Easily
    This goes back to thinking we are all extremely dramatic. There are some girls like this, but we girls can handle a lot, too and a good amount of us are not grossed out by a lot of things.
  5. Girls Are Mentally Weak
    In general, women seem to be very mentally strong. We have a lot we have to deal with in our daily lives and we may seem weak at times, but overall, girls are not mentally weak at all.
  6. We Are Not Adventurous
    Women are actually very adventurous. Most of us love getting out to go somewhere and enjoy the thrill it gives us. Personally, I think that there are a lot more women who are adventurous, than who are not.
  7. All Girls Gossip About Others
    It is true that we girls tend to talk a LOT, sometimes badly about others. I have met some very nice women, however, who don’t gossip at all and respect the lives of others. So, no. Not all of us gossip and talk badly about others.
  8. Girls Hate Sports
    Okay, sure; some girls do hate sports. But overall, there are WAY more girls who love sports (and even play them!) than there are, that hate them. I, for one, love watching and playing football.
  9. Every Girl Uses Loads of Make-Up
    There are a lot of women who wear make-up, but there are a few of us out there who don’t wear it on a daily basis. Even when we do end up wearing it, we don’t always wear a whole lot.
  10. Girls Are Extremely Hard To Understand
    Okay, in defense, guys are really hard to understand and figure out, too. Each person is different in their own way and you’ll never be able to perfectly figure one person out. I think that guys can be just as hard to understand as girls can be.

10 Misconceptions About Boys

– Elisha McFarland

1: Showing off is flirting
Often, we show off just to show off. In fact, many times, our showing off is a type of “proving ourselves” to other guys, a rite of passage, if you will.

2: Doing physical activities is showing off.
I play basketball, and often, after youth group, I’ll go and shoot hoops. Many girls thought I did that to show off, but I honestly just love the gym and I’ll take any time to shoot that I can find.

3: That we like flexing everything.
A lot of boys, including myself, flex in different ways. Whether it’s the athlete flexing his muscles or the nerd flexing his Pokémon cards (I am both), we tend to flex a lot. However, this isn’t meant to show off or look prideful, we just like showing the cool stuff we can do. As younger boys, we often look up to older guys, who often seem like gods to us. As a nine-year-old, I looked up to a guy who was really strong, and so (several years later), when I had put on some muscle, I showed him. Flexing, yes, but not showing off.

4: We are only attracted to how a girl looks.
Girls often think that we are attracted to their physical attributes. While this can be true to many boys, most of the Christian guys I know are not this way. I, personally, am attracted first to the inside, with the outside being something of a bonus.

5: When guys fight, it’s a serious thing.
We fight all the time. Guys are a lot like lawyers- in the court, they can fight like cats and dogs, insult each other’s mothers, and break a guy’s nose. Outside of the court, however, they’re best friends. Guys are the same- we might fight one day and be best friends the next.

6: When guys punch each other, it’s intended to harm.
To quote Manny in Ice Age 3, “A punch in the arm is like three weeks of therapy”. We punch in the arm to show affection.

7: We don’t understand what you’re talking about.
We aren’t stupid, and when you’re talking about makeup or something similar, we often understand more then we let on.

8: We don’t understand why you go to the bathroom together.
We know everything.

9: All guys love sports.
Not true. While many, such as I, love sports, there are others that don’t. One of my best friends is not an athlete and instead choses to spend his time as a computer programmer.

10: We lift weights to be attractive.
Completely untrue. Only the most idiotic of men lift weights to be attractive to women. Every other weight-lifting dude that I know, myself included, lifts to get stronger and be fit. It is within the heart of all boys, teenagers, and men alike to be strong. Why else do you think that little boys, around the ages of 6, are so obsessed with their “muscles”?

12 Ways You Unknowingly Flirt

It can be hard to figure out if you are unintentionally flirting with those of the opposite gender. Elisha and I have listed 12 ways in which girls and guys give off the “they’re-flirting-with-me” vibe, to the other gender. Elisha’s got girl’s, I’ve got guy’s…

Elisha McFarland on Girls:

1: Making an overt effort to laugh at everything.
We know when our jokes are lame, so when you laugh hard at a dad joke, it makes us think that you’ve got a crush.

2: Being touchy-feely.
When you touch us randomly, especially on the arm, we instantly think you’re flirting.  

3: When girls constantly shift their hair or seem to worry about their clothes/appearance in our presence.
We understand a desire to look good, but when you’re constantly stressing about your appearance while we’re around, we will be led to believe that you like us.

4: An overabundance of phone use.
When a girl asks for our phone number immediately, texts us periodically throughout the day, or texts us at 11:00 PM, we think they’re flirting.

5: Random actions.
When girls do completely random things that make no sense, such as dumping a glass of water on our head out of the blue, or stealing our hats while we’re talking, we’re inclined to think that they’re attention-seeking and thus flirting.

6: When girls appear helpless or ask you to teach them something.
Again, this seems like they’re seeking attention and want to make us, as guys, feel stronger or more masculine, so when a girl acts “dumb” on purpose, we might take that as flirting.  

Keziah on Guys:

1.      Locking Eyes Constantly With A Girl
A girl is automatically going to think you like her, if you’re constantly looking at her. We aren’t oblivious to guys’ glances, and the more you do it, the more ideas she’s going to get in her head, that you’re thinking about her.

2.      Touching or Brushing Up Against the Girl
Even if you just poke a girl in the stomach, or pat her on the back, this can be viewed as flirting. In the girl’s mind, you just want an excuse to touch her, thus making you seem like you’re flirting.

3.      Telling Stupid Jokes
Okay, I get that a lot of guys just tell jokes because they think they’re funny. But a lot of times, girls will read this the wrong way, and think you’re flirting with them, by trying to get them to laugh at what you’re saying.

4.      Acting Like A Gentleman
This one is just sad to me, because I wish it weren’t this way. I wish that all guys were gentlemanly and chivalrous, and this wouldn’t be a thing. But, unfortunately, it is. When a guy acts like the gentleman he is and holds the door open for a girl, or helps her with something, most girls think that the guy is flirting with them. I really wish that this weren’t the case, but unfortunately, it does seem to be…

5.      Winking or Raising Your Eyebrows
Yep, this is one. I’m not really sure why, but when a guy winks or raises an eyebrow at a girl, she feels like he’s flirting with her.

6.      Complimenting A Girl
Again, I really wish this wasn’t one of the things that made girls feel like the guy was flirting. This should just be a natural thing that everyone does, but unfortunately, it is not. When a guy compliments a girl and tells her that she looks nice today or he likes her dress, she automatically feels flattered and thinks that the guy is trying to flirt with her. Which, maybe he is, but even if he wasn’t trying to, the girl will take it that way.

Okay! That was an awesome collaboration, and I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Elisha, AWESOME job!! You did great for us having this done in just a couple hours. 🙂 And y’all, make sure to check his blog out!! It’s amazing!!


-Keziah ❤

35 thoughts on “32 Misconceptions About Flirting & Boy/Girl Relationships (Feat. Elisha McFarland)”

  1. I completely agree I wish guys being a gentleman or complimenting girls wasn’t considered flirting, but I think it feels that way to some ppl because gentlemen can be rare.

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  2. I just read this post on Elisha’s blog and enjoyed it! I’m so glad that y’all did it!! I think that sometimes people get a wrong idea about the opposite gender, but I mean we’re all human. We are all created by God! That is why I think we should treat each other with respect, despite if you think they are cute. If they’re a Christian, treat them as your brother- or sister-in-Christ.

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    1. It’s basically when you act like you are attracted to someone. Just think, how some girls and guys act all goofy and crazy around each other, and you’ll get the point.


  3. This was such a good post!!! I loved that you all did a collab on this. There are so many misconceptions about this sort of stuff and I love how you both went headon on this topic!!
    -kaelyn 😛

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  4. Great job on this! I really enjoyed reading it! Just to let you know, I’ll be nominating you tomorrow on my blog. (joyfulcreationsblog.com) Feel free to participate!

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