Your Assumptions; My Answers

Hey, y’all!

Last week, I did a post, asking y’all to give me your assumptions about me. So, here I now am, with my answers. 😊

You Are A Tomboy.

Heyyy, you got that right, LRose! I am a tomboy. I love mud, climbing trees, jumping in puddles, watching football… The list goes on…

You LOVE Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.

I do love mint chocolate chip ice cream!! Though, my all-time favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough. Very close, though!! Great assumption.

Your Favorite Flower Is A Daisy.

I guess you could say that… I couldn’t ever choose one favorite flower, so I adore roses and wild flowers. Daisies are wild flowers, so… That could work. 😊

You Hate Wearing Skirts.

Okay, actually that is a wrong assumption. Even though I’m a tomboy, I adore wearing skirts. Though, I’ll says I am extremely practical with them. They have to either be short, so I can run in them easily, or long and flowy enough, for me to tie up halfway, so I can do active things in them. I adore dancing though, and I always felt like you had to dance in a skirt or dress. It just doesn’t feel right, not to…

Your Favorite Color Is Blue.

Now that right there, is spot on. I adore the color blue. My favorite shade, is Majorelle.

Isn’t that just such a bright and happy, fresh color? I do love it.

You Like The Color Pink.

I do like the color pink. It definitely isn’t one of my favorite colors, but it is pretty and I like lighter shades of it.

You Love Dancing.

Lydia sure got that one right… I absolutely adore dancing. Especially old fashioned dancing. I love dancing the Charleston, and any Victorian, Regency, and Medieval eras, jazz and swing. Also, I adore waltzing.

Some of my dear friends and I, dancing. 😊

You Are A Super Fast Texter.

I guess? I know people who are faster than I am, but I’m pretty decent at my speed, in that regards…

You Enjoy Sports.

I do enjoy sports. I really enjoy playing badminton and I also like watching sports. I especially love to watch pro and college football. That’s my favorite.

You Want To Have A Big Family In The Future.

Oh, yes. That’s one of my highest anticipations, when I get married and start to raise a family. I want to have a pile of boys and maybe a girl or two, in there….

You Have 3 Plus Siblings + You Come From A Big/Large Family.

Yep. Ainsley Beth, Leanna and Greg Dennison got those right. I have five younger siblings and I love them all a lot.

My family and I. 😊

You Enjoy Hiking.

I love hiking! I really enjoy being around nature and hiking is so much fun, for me.

You’d Rather Be In The Mountains, Than On The Beach.

As much as I love water and beaches, I would rather be in the mountains. I grew up around mountains, so it’s kind of engrained into me, to love them. Plus, I love cold weather and snow. And usually, where there are mountains, there is snow…

You Love Getting Dressed Up.

I do love dressing up. I always have. I especially enjoy dressing up early and mid-20th century style, Victorian, Regency and Renaissance.

Some of my dear friends and I, all dressed up, Victorian-style. 😎

Your Favorite Animal Is A Horse.

Horses are beautiful animals. But nope, not my favorite. I love tigers, the best.

You Are An Outgoing, Assertive Individual.

That sure hits home. Great assumption, Racheal! I am very outgoing and love people and adventure. As for assertiveness, I am very much so. I have always loved watching people and I’m usually pretty aware of my surroundings.

You Are Not Ashamed Or Shy About Standing Up For Yourself.

I do think it depends on the situation, but I do tend to be very independent and I say what I think. I have my opinions and thoughts, which I can become very passionate over, when I get going…

You Light Up A Room With A Large Laugh.

I don’t know about lighting up a room, but I do laugh. A whole lot. I literally laugh at so many things… It’s crazy. I’ve been told I am a very joyful person. When I really get laughing though, it gets really deep. It’s pretty funny.

You Have High Standards And Strong Convictions.

I really do have high standards and strong convictions. I’m not afraid to tell people what I think, either.

Your Family Is Really Close.

My family is pretty close. Secrets never did last long, in my house…

Mom’s side of the family…

You Go To Church Camps And Retreats And Stuff Like That.

Sort of? I’ve never been to a church camp, but I went to a kind of evangelistic leadership camp, last year. My family loves going to homeschool conferences, too.

Your Parents Are Around My Age.

Okay Greg, I think so… They grew up during the eighties and nineties…

You Don’t Spend A Lot Of Time Alone With Boys.

It does depend. I’ve got four brothers, so I spend loads of alone-time with them. But outside of the family, I don’t spend a whole lot of time alone, with guys. Not that I never do, because I do here and there, but it isn’t a regular happening for me. Pretty much because, I have friends of both genders who hang around, so even if I tried to get away with a guy or two, it would be really hard for me to accomplish.

You Are A Night Owl.

Not really. I’m definitely WAY more of a morning person. I literally cannot sleep in and I feel proud of myself for waking up late, if I can wake up at 7:30.

You Love Kids.

I really do love kids. I love every age group and get along pretty great with them all. That assumption is definitely correct.

My little brother, Bubby, and I…

You Love Reading Your Bible.

I really do enjoy reading my Bible. I’m a huge fan of reading from my physical copy of my Bible, and not off a screen. It just feels so much more special and spiritual, in my opinion.

You Like Ice Cream.

I really do love ice cream. It’s probably my all-time favorite dessert, honestly.

You’re A Teenager.

I am a teenager, and happy to be one, too. It seems to me, that a lot of young people these days, are too caught up on wanting the things of the future. I’ve decided though, to embrace being a teenager. And so far, being a teenager has been the worst, messiest, most confusing time. But also the loveliest, most wonderful, beautiful experience and I’m grateful for every bit of it.

You Enjoy Art.

I do enjoy art. I’m absolutely awful at drawing or painting, but I would consider photography to be art, and I’m fairly decent at that…

You Don’t Like Wearing Shoes.

Wow, Rosy. Was that a very true assumption… I really don’t like wearing shoes. I’ll say, I adore Converse. But if I have the choice to not wear shoes, I absolutely will not. I have been told to leave places and go put shoes on before, and known to explore the forest, barefoot… I love it.

There’s me; barefoot, and with my wild, free-flowing hair.

You Usually Wear Your Hair Down.

Again, very true assumption! Great job, Rosy. I love wearing my hair down… All wild and free. It’s my favorite way to wear it.

You Enjoy School.

Sort of? It really depends on the subject. I try hard, and I enjoy learning new things, but school in general, isn’t my most favorite thing…

You Love Jeans.

I do love jeans, but they wouldn’t be my favorite…I also love shorts, skirts, dresses…All of the things. Except jumpsuits…I never liked jumpsuits.

You Love Adventure and Christian Movies.

Yes!!! I do! I adore movies which are adventurous and exciting. And Christian movies are the best. I love how inspiring they are, for me.

You Are Opinionated.

I think this is the most assumed of them all….I assume I’m very obvious, with this? But, Yes. I am very opinionated and passionate about what I hold dear and true to my heart.

You Enjoy Being With Friends.

Oh, yes. I absolutely ADORE being with my friends. I get energy from being around people, so it’s no surprise that I’d want to be with those I hold dearest to my heart, all day.

Some of my friends and I. πŸ™‚

You Like Having A Clean Room.

I do, indeed. I can’t stand my room to stay messy or unorganized. I absolutely love organizing, and cleaning does go hand-in-hand with it, so it works great.

Your Name Is Pronounced The Same As The Character Kezia In Little House On The Prairie.

I have watched Little House On The Prairie, but not that episode… I shall just say, I pronounce my name “kuh-zai-uh”.

You Like To Dance.

I really, really love dancing. So much. I could dance all day and all night, and never be tired of it…

Making People Laugh Makes You Happy.

Well, that is true. But honestly, I’m more the person laughing…I laugh so, so much….Literally. SO. MUCH. My grandma says I’m a very joyful person…

Your Favorite Color Is Green.

Nope, it’s blue. Green is my second favorite color. πŸ˜‰

You Like Your Hair.

I really do love my hair. I actually cut it, not too long ago….I hadn’t cut it that short in ten years, and I absolutely love the change.

You Enjoy Being Active Outdoors.

I do, very much so! Nature is my happy place and I love being in the great outdoors. Climbing trees and laying on the ground under a stormy or blue, cloudy sky, are my favorites.

You LOVE Chocolate Ice Cream!!

Well, I love ice cream in general. So, yes. I do love chocolate ice cream.

You Don’t Have A Problem Saying What Is Right, Even When You Know That You Might Get Negative Flack For Doing It (aka telling the truth).

I’d say that this is a true assumption. As a lot of you others have assumed, I am very opinionated. I don’t like keeping my opinions to myself and I have felt that with blogging, this is a way I can share my beliefs and opinions. God has given me an audience, and I intend to use my standpoint, to spread as much truth as I can.

You Try Your Best To Consume Healthy Food.

I have done my own bit of research, and my Mom is health conscious, so I’d say that I do fairly well.

You Are A Devout Christian Consistently Interested In Living Out The Gospel.

I’d say that this assumption is correct (wow Dylan; you got all your’s right!!! Great job!!). I do strive to live for, and obey God as much as I can. My life has been forever changed by the power of God and I cannot even begin to state how amazing He is.

You Have A Dog.

Yep. A darling corgi who we call “Carli”.

You A Jeans And A Comfy T-Shirts Kinda Girl.

I am all about comfort, but I’m also very practical. So, I rarely wear white (we live in the country, I’ve got five younger siblings AND I can’t even stay clean…It’s just not my thing…), I wear jeans in the winter and t-shirts a lot.

You Would Rather Be Outside Hanging Out Or Playing Sports, Than Inside.

I would rather be outside staying active, than being stuck inside. I just prefer being outside…It’s just so fresh and lovely.

All right, that should be all of the assumptions! Wow, y’all picked a lot. The most common ones were, my being opinionated, my having a big family and my favorite color being blue.

Thanks for participating in this, everyone!!! It was enlightening, to see y’alls’ assumptions.


-Keziah ❀

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    1. Well, just be a good friend to her now, because you probably won’t be around in her life for too long, what with college and moving out, when she’s still young. You want to build a good friendship now, that will last years to come, later on.

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