Your Help Needed, Please!!!

Hey y’all!!

This is SO late notice!! But oh well. I literally decided about a half hour ago, that I’d run a 5k, to raise money for Crossroads Clinic, which is a crisis clinic for pregnant women. They give free ultrasounds and care to sooo many women in need.

And guess what?? I need your help to raise some money for this AMAZING organization!! So, let’s do this! Even if you can only pay a little, I’d SO appreciate it. That, and your endless support and prayers!

Babies are being aborted every day and it’s up to us; you and me – to help in saving the lives of the unborn. One of my favorite authors (Chuck Black) once said:

“It’s wrong to do nothing, when you have the power to do something.” 

And I fully believe in this. If we have the opportunity and power to do something, then we NEED to take it!! Otherwise, we’re just as bad as anyone else, who cheers the pro-choicers on. Let’s do this thing and save some babies lives!



5 thoughts on “Your Help Needed, Please!!!”

  1. This is so wonderful Keziah! I tried to donate, but I can only afford a couple dollars because I haven’t been paid with my new job yet, and it won’t let me donate less than $5!! I’m so sorry! Know that you have my prayers though, and prayer is more powerful than all the money on this earth. ♥️

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