Unwilling To Be Used?

You know, I am constantly, constantly amazed at the way God works. It utterly and entirely astounds me. And usually, God works in the ways we would least think.

I’ll share a couple of examples…

Recently, one of my sweet friends was having surgery on her arm. I had had my quiet time the morning of, and felt led to share John 14:27:

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

So, I texted it to her and you know what? My sweet friend told me that reading that verse, was really encouraging to her.

Another time, I knew that my best friend was currently reffing soccer. And I felt led, at precisely 2:07 in the afternoon, to stop doing school and just pray for him. So, I did.

Later, when he was done reffing, I asked what he was doing at that time. He said, he wasn’t for sure, but that he had been lacking energy and stamina around that time.

I have had lots of other experiences…You might think those are quite simple, but I found them absolutely so, so amazing and a testimony, to how crazy AWESOME our God is!!!

But you know what? I haven’t always had experiences like these. They’ve been more regular…Happening within the last couple of years. And I think I know why.

(Note: Please don’t think I’m bragging, because I’m not. I just want to share my honest experiences with y’all…So, please don’t take my words the wrong way. 🙂 )

I have a hunch, that it’s because I’ve become more open to wanting God to use me. A couple of years ago, I went through a really, really rough time in my life (in fact, I will be writing and posting about that, in not too long…). I was extremely depressed and felt very unloved and resentful towards God.

However, God brought me out of that time (Hallelujah for that!!!) and my relationship with Him grew and blossomed. And I have learned to pray and ask God, “PLEASE USE ME FOR YOUR PURPOSE AND GLORY.” But you know, it’s one thing to just ask it, and another to honestly, full-heartedly pray it. I’ve tried to get over fear I have, by asking God to strip away my pride and make me totally dependent upon Him. Asking God to use WHATEVER He has planned, For His Glory.

And, you know what? The more that you pray this sort of thing, the more you start to mean it. And the more you start to mean it, the more God starts to grow you. And the more God starts to grow you, the more you start to connect with Him and follow His plans for your life.

A lot of times, we are unwilling to be used by God. We WANT to be used by God, but we are too scared to ask, because of the results which might take place. And you know…Fear cripples a person. It strips you of your Trust in God and creates distrust, in the plan God has for your life. When we have distrust in God…Well, we really can’t trust anyone.

I think, God is always willing to use us. It’s just that, we don’t always want to be used by God.

See that little word, “Want”, in that second sentence? Honestly, It’s like we THINK we get to choose what we do and what we say. Which, we sure like to believe that. But overall, God is totally in charge and in command of EVERYTHING!!!

So, God is in charge of every. single. thing. in the world (you, me, ants, flies, grass, cars, lambs…all the things) and He WANTS to use us for His amazing plan!! He’s just thrilled by the thought of it! And yet, WE. The little specks on earth who think we get to choose what to do…decide we are too “unwilling” to be a part of that.


How selfish and naïve and idiotic are we?!? Of all the AMAZING things this life offers, being a part of God’s wonderful plan is the BEST!! And yet, we shrink at the thought of it…

Well friend, today I am encouraging you to STOP being scared of what God wants to do with your life, and start praying and becoming willing. Because when we become willing to be a part of God’s awesome plan, we will automatically see major things happen in our spiritual life.

God WANTS you to grow in Him!!! You just need to open yourself up and become willing.

That’s all I’ve got, for today. Hope this encouraged you and inspired you, in some way. I just felt led to write this all out…

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

10 thoughts on “Unwilling To Be Used?”

  1. As I’ve probably told you, I’ve been unhappy a lot with where I live the last few years. The predominant culture, and by extension the government, where I live have very different values from me, and there is a lot of hostility around here, not to mention high taxes and high crime and stuff like that. So many of my friends have moved away the last few years, and if we ever get back to normal after COVID (my state governor seems to want to keep us on restriction forever), I’ve wondered if I’ll even have a life to return to. I’ve been thinking about leaving a lot lately. But I received a clear answer to prayer in May 2019 that God still had work for me to do here, and I think he might be still telling me the same thing again. What you write here is the perspective I need to have. This is my mission field, someone has to be Jesus to these people, and God has work for me to do here.

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    1. Amen to that. It seems to me, that God uses the hardest times in our lives, to grow us the most. So I will be praying for you! And keep following after what God calls you to… It will always work out according to His plan.

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