Do Little Things.

So, I got to thinking about something today and I wanted to write about it.

In this day and age and honestly, years and years before our time, kids have been told, “You’re never too little to do big things.” It’s what we’ve heard all our lives and what piles of kids have heard, before us. We have ingrained into us, the notion that, no matter how small we might appear to be, we still have a huge potential.

And you know what, that’s great. I {personally} think, if you put your mind to it and you try – really, truly try, with everything within you – that you CAN achieve amazing things which nobody thought possible.

Well, I was thinking about that and jokingly, told my siblings that, if little people could achieve big things, then surely that meant that big people could achieve small things.

But the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized just how true it was.

Let me write a bit and explain this all…..

The way I see it, is this:

We dream, pretty much all our lives, to achieve the big, important things. When we’re young, we dream of being doctors, teachers, photographers, engineers, firemen and so on…As we grow older, we still dream, but our dreams are different. We dream of a vacation away from work, a bigger paycheck, a higher-up role in our job…

     We are constant dreamers. 

It seems to me, that we are almost always dreaming of the next, big thing we can accomplish. And that’s not a bad thing! In fact, it’s good to reach farther and try to accomplish the harder things in life.

But, you know something?

We don’t have to always be focused on the big things. Sometimes, we need to slow down and we need to focus on the little things. The little things like, changing dirty diapers, sweeping the floor, taking out the trash, smiling at a stranger, throwing away trash on the side of the road, giving ten bucks to a homeless man…

Sure. Doing big things is important. But I’d like to argue that little things are just as – maybe even more – important, as the big things. Because without the little things being done, the world wouldn’t go around the same way it does, now.

That being said…

Don’t just reach for the stars. Reach for the ground, too. Reach for the dirty, trampled ground. Because even though it’s not easy to do the little things of life, they are some of the most important things.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

23 thoughts on “Do Little Things.”

  1. Great post, Keziah! Cherishing the simple things is sometimes difficult to remember to do. To stop and do those little things is hard, we want to do big momentous things, but sometimes those small mundane things are what teach us the most! ❤

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  2. Ah yes! I like your spin on things Keziah. It’s all about mindset after all! It is a series of small things in succession that make up our everyday and become the reality we live out. We should focus more on the step of the staircase in front of us or risk tripping and falling. We cannot build grand buildings without a steady foundation that has structural integrity. Similarly, we cannot create a beautiful life without first paying attention to the finer things x

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    1. YES!! I agree. Thank you for reading. And I’m SO sorry for my late reply…Your comment, for some reason, was in Spam. 😦 But it’s okay, I’ve got it out, now. 🙂 Thanks again! ❤

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  3. (insert obligatory quote from LOTR about small hands turning the wheels of the world here)
    In seriousness, though, that’s what this made me think of–the idea expressed in LOTR that small people, doing small things, are just as much heroes as the famous and powerful. Great post.

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  4. The idea of “carrying out the little things” used to be an axiom for nearly everyone. Now it seems only to be an occasionally considered truth. I would take it one step further though ; do the little things, and (with a little bit of stoicism) make sure those “little things” are completely under your control. This ensures you are acting most effectively towards achieving your goals.

    Overall, awesome post Keziah!

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    1. Ah, I agree with you there. And the more under control you have those things, the more efficient you can be, as well.
      Thanks for your thoughts and for reading! I appreciate it!

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