Who Will The Children Heroize?

Our culture thrives under the adult population. In fact, our culture is centered around adults. Free love, birth control, abortions, sensual music, shows and ads…Our whole culture has become more and more of an “adult culture” and less and less involving the children of our society.

In fact, it seems to me that our culture almost wants us make adults OUT of the children of our country. We have high amounts of juveniles smoking, engaging in sexual activity, wearing sensual clothing, participating in erotic dancing…the list goes on.

Many of the adults of the society we live in today, do not even act like proper adults should.

According to the dictionary, to be an “Adult” is to be:

a person who is fully grown or developed.

However, I am going to disagree with the dictionary, on this one.

My grandpa once gave me thirty seconds to tell him what I thought it meant for a person to be considered an adult. So, I told him. I said, “Once they show themselves mature enough.”

Which really, isn’t a fair measurement. One’s opinion of being “mature” could be entirely different from another’s.

And yet, I do still find this to be a more realistic opinion of what an “adult” is, instead of just a person who has fully grown or developed. Because the thing is. We will never, ever stop growing or developing, until the day that we die.

You could argue, we never stop maturing either. And I’ll agree with that. Until our life ends, we never really do stop maturing.


There is a point of time when you can look at a person’s life and you can tell, when they truly were mature enough to deal with the responsibilities dealt them.

But look at our society today…We’ve even got older, long-lived “adults” who don’t even act their title. We have generations upon generations of “adults” who aren’t the examples they should be.

And I must wonder.

I must ask.

Who will the children of this generation; this culture; this society….

Who will they heroize?

Who will the children be able to look up to and find good, strong, pure examples in?

Because look around! There’s not many of those examples left. Not many real “adults” who can be the pure building up of the younger generations.

I can’t change the way people are, or the way people act. But I can ASK you a favor.

Might I ask that you – you, dear reader – might strive to BE the good, pure example that the younger generation so yearns for, and needs?

It’s not easy. In fact, being a leader and having followers, is one of the absolute hardest, messiest things you’ll experience. But it’s good. So good. And it’s the right thing to do.

If others won’t rise up and be the heroes; be the one who the children can find truth in…Then we must be.

Because if others don’t. And we don’t.

Nobody will.

Carpe Diem.


20 thoughts on “Who Will The Children Heroize?”

  1. Oh, I couldn’t have said this better. There are so many people who have found themselves led astray by the allure of society and the overwhelming desire to be a part of something. There are too many adults who have the wrong idea of what it means to be grown up. Being ‘grown up’ is not an excuse for doing anything and everything you please just because it’s legal or you’ve spent enough time not doing what it is you wished to in younger years!

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  2. One of the most vital points you made in this piece was in describing the responsibility of leadership as “not easy.” Our society is largely centered around the fulfillment of our natural passions, which tend to be very wicked (as the Bible duly notes). What our young people seem to be pursuing to a considerable degree is pleasure. If it is not acquired through notoriety or stardom then it is gotten through running roughshod over what is sacred. And in most cases, unfortunately it is the latter. In order to be a leader, as the holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl precisely described, we must realize the truth that “Everything can be taken from a man (us) but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s (our) attitude in any given set of circumstances.” As leaders, being cognizant of this reality will take us through the throes of life and assist us in our lifelong objective to be the “town built on a hill.”

    First rate perspective Keziah!

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  3. I would say that not only is there a dwindling number of good people to heroize today, but with how history is being “rewritten” in education and the news, we are losing historical figures to heroize as well. Suddenly, everyone in history who didn’t exactly follow the ever-fluctuating standards of the media and the elite is a racist, appropriationist, fill-in-the-blank. Except communist leaders who killed millions of people, of course.
    Not only do we need to become good standards that people can look up to, we need to accurately remember the good standards who came before us.
    Fantastic article, Keziah. I enjoyed reading this.

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    1. Amen to that! I very much agree with you. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read my writing, and for sharing your thoughts. I do appreciate it. Have a wonderful day. ☺
      – Keziah


  4. I remember growing up (in the 80’s) I loved the Muppets. So I got my parents to get me the Muppets magazine. I figured it was all muppety and them doing muppet things… I was disappointed in that it was very little for children.. Miss Piggy was hanging out with the Culture Club, the hippy band was rocking out with big hair bands… it was almost entirely about celebrities.

    Later on this began to make sense. The major push to make children adults. As well as force on them an agenda and a mindset that would inevitably reform and reshape this country.

    Celebrity worship is the tool by which so many have fell for the ruin of morality and the social decline of this country. Of course, this is just one means of it. But an effective one. And it’s happened for several generations and nobody seems to notice.

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      1. Yes ma’am.. today’s staunch republican are yesterday’s far left democrats so to speak. It’s the scenario of turning the heat up little by little each decade and the people don’t realize how hot it’s getting.

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      2. Yep, indeed… Getting the people used to these things, little by little, without anyone realizing it. And most people these days don’t take the time to really, honestly think for their own. So they don’t. And those we dislike the most, begin to mold our country…

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