Merrick Masquerade Ball 2020

You may remember my writing about a masquerade ball which some of my friends and I attended, last year. It was such a magical experience and we had a really grand time. If you want to read more about my experience last year, then just read about it here!

Anyways. That ball was supposed to happen again this year. However, due to worries over the coronavirus, the lady in charge decided to cancel it.

I, however, was not about to be dissuaded from going to a ball. I talked to my parents, we prayed about it for awhile and I decided. I would plan my own ball.

So, I did.

It took lots, and lots of planning and preparation. I absolutely love to plan things, so I enjoyed it all, but it was crazy! I ended up having over 80 people purchase tickets, and there were over a dozen parents who came as well, to watch and chaperone.

I paid off the venue fees and we were able to give the rest to Operation Christmas Child!! We gave over $1,300 to OCC, which I was really happy about!!

We had a dance practice 13 days before the ball, and had about half of the whole group of those attending the ball, show up. It was SO much fun and a really good learning experience for me, as I had to help teach some of the dances which I already knew.
Our neighbor used his drone to take some photos of us practicing on our basketball court. It was great!

Well, now onto the ball and how it all was…

The whole week of, was really crazy. Just getting the rest of the things (including Dad and I going to multiple stores to find 15 cartons of Lime sherbet and 23 bottles of lemon-lime soda, for the punch….) and figuring everything out, was pretty stressful.

The day before, my friend Riley, came over and spent the night. We watched The Village (such an intriguing movie!!! I’d love to know y’alls’ thoughts, if you’ve seen it…), and my neighbors came over to take showers, so all us girls decided to try on my red lipstick that I would wear, the next day.

The day of the ball, we went to the venue (which happened to be just right behind our house. It was great, having it so close!!!), set up the sound system and cleaned and decorated. It took a good 4 hours, and then we went back home and ate lunch. Then, I did my hair and Riley and I kind of just hung out…There really wasn’t a whole lot to do (other than drive Dad and Riley to set up signs for the ball…), and we were just too giddy over the ball being so soon.

Our escorts, neighbors and a couple other random people, all came at 4, and we finished getting ready. Those of us who were all done, drove over at 5, to the venue. We just finished figuring a couple things out and people started to arrive at around 5:40.

The grand entrance started at

I went with the same escort as last time…My dear friend, Micah. We dressed as a 1950’s theme, which was incredibly fun and we had a grand time together!

It was a really amazing night, and I am SO happy with how it all turned out. There were definitely some things which could have gone better, but overall, it was really good. I am so, so appreciative to everybody who helped out and who participated in the event…It was pretty amazing.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❀

25 thoughts on “Merrick Masquerade Ball 2020”

  1. Aww, this sounded like so much fun! 😍 I am so happy you had the motivation to host your own ball! That would have taken a lot of work and energy.
    You looked absolutely GORGEOUS! 😍 You look like a princess in that dress! 😍

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      1. I saw it back when it was new. (Warning: if anyone reading this has not seen it, stop reading now. Spoiler alert.)

        I remember most of my friends hated it, and said that it was stupid. The big twist was that the monsters weren’t real. So what? They looked like lame costumes anyway; why did all the people in the village think they were real?

        Those people completely missed the point, kind of like people who read/watched The Hunger Games and thought it was about a love triangle. The point was that the people who came to the village wanted to escape real life and went to great lengths to do so. The twist was not that the monsters weren’t real, but that the whole thing did not take place in the past as was implied throughout the whole movie.

        And that feeling of wanting to escape the real world is definitely relatable to me… now I kind of want to watch this again. I only saw it that one time back when it was new.

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      2. Yes!! You should rewatch it. It definitely makes you think and re-evaluate things in life…My Dad watched it and said it was very thought provoking, in comparison to child-raising….and trying to figure out the balance of wanting to be protective, but not overly so…

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      3. That makes sense. I don’t have children of my own, but I know that would be a struggle for me (or will, if I ever do have children, although I’m 44 so that’s kind of iffy right now, unless I end up with stepchildren who won’t be babies).

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  2. Eeep, balls are so fun, but I’ve never been to a masquerade one before. ❀ I applaud your motivation to host your own. I know that it would have been quite the job, hehe. And you look absolutely stunning. ❀

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  3. I’m no dancer, but I can appreciate the hassle and chaos of planning something like that. And Operation Christmas Child is a wonder thing–it’s been a couple years since we’ve been able to do it specifically, but I remember it being a blast/

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