Vote For What You Believe

     I am not old enough to vote yet, but I already know my beliefs on the subject. Who needs beliefs to vote? you might ask. Everyone does.

     To vote, someone must have something that they believe is right or wrong. In the 2016 presidential election, people had the choice to either vote for Hillary Clinton or for Donald Trump, either of which someone might think was right or wrong runner to vote for.

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     I believe that we as Christians should vote WITH our faith. This means that we don’t put aside our beliefs as we vote, but rather we carry them alongside us. This means that we have to vote for what we believe is the right runner to vote for, not the runner that we WANT to be the right one. It means standing up for what you believe and voting for what you believe, even if it costs something of value to you.

     A person’s faith should cause him to prayerfully consider which runner to vote for, rather than just jumping headlong into an election with no thought put into what runners to vote for.

     Your beliefs should play into the vote that you cast into for an election. It’s not right to vote on a runner only because it’s the one that everyone else is voting on. It’s not right to vote for a runner because you feel pressured to. NOW is the time for you to be able to be a huge part of who will run your country. It’s time for you to be able to choose who you’d rather to have make life-changing (and most likely world-changing) decisions for your country. What will happen if everyone thinks that their vote doesn’t matter, so they carelessly vote on a random runner? We would most likely get someone who shouldn’t be the president over our country and your one vote could be what ruined America.

            Vote for what you believe, not for whom you disagree.


-Keziah ❤ f

9 thoughts on “Vote For What You Believe”

  1. Very well said as well. We often forget that as individuals we hold real power. As a collective, we are the change. We hold significant power then. It’s so important we do the right thing and follow not just our hearts or minds but both. We can’t let ourselves be led astray.

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  2. Davy Crockett once said “I have always supported measures and principles and not men.” We don’t have to vote for the candidate whose personality we like–we have to vote based on what issues are at stake, which is exactly what you said. Great post.

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