Family Photos!

Hey y’all!

I took our family photos recently and thought I’d share them, with you…

Whenever I take our family photos, or I do photoshoots for other families, my absolute favorite pose is for everyone to be crazy. I think that it really brings out each person’s character, and each shot is really fun… I love it!! So, of course, we had tons of those… There really is only one of us smiling, and then 16 of us being crazy. I narrowed it down to 8 though, to spare y’all a little bit. 😊

Us smiling. 😊

So, there’s all those! The last two crazy ones are definitely my favorite. Let me know what you thought of these, in the comments below! Hope you guys enjoyed. 😊

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ❀

40 thoughts on “Family Photos!”

  1. Nice πŸ™‚ I like all of them… the idea of a big family that enjoys being together and takes pictures together is still a little strange to me, since that’s not what I grew up with. Be thankful you have that in your life.

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    1. Yeah, we always have… I just set up my camera on a tripod, get everyone know the right position, and then the camera goes on self timer, and takes a set of 9 photos… We just decide in the moment, what pose to do. πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š

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