Room Tour

My blog isn’t a lifestyle blog AT ALL. But I did think it would be fun to show y’all my room, since it’s a bit interesting…

So! It’s green because my sister agreed to me that she could pick the color if I could decorate….

Room from right outside the door…
Other side of the room…
More photos, and my mirror!
My sister’s bed and desk!
My bed…

So! Random little note, but the comforter I have on my bed, I let people sign… So there are some of the signatures on it. ☺

Windows and more photos!

I might as well say something about my photos… I don’t really have social media, so I like to say that my walls are like an Instagram feed… I’ve got around 500-600 photos on my wall of my life? Something like that. So yeah. I love it and I keep getting more. ☺

My little log and lots of nature pieces on it…
More nature pieces… ☺

So yeah, I am *slightly* obsessed with nature in general and currently have all these leaves and flowers lying around, along with a couple caterpillars in my room and then a bug collection… I love it all. ☺

My desk and more photos. ☺

There’s my closet! It’s pretty big. And that’s all of my room! Hope y’all liked this super random post…. Have a wonderful day. ☺

Carpe diem!

– Keziah ❤

12 thoughts on “Room Tour”

  1. Awesome! I love it! Looks very homey and comfy. Reminds me of my room that I share with my (twin) sister. I also really like to put stuff up on the walls (church bulletin covers w/ nice pictures and verses, photos, drawings, etc)! And our walls are a lime-ish green too! 😁 Awesome post! 💚👍

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