I Love Them.

Hey y’all.

Recently, I posted my thoughts on transgenderism and homosexuality. I really vented my thoughts on this, but I failed to clarify something, which a few people have {kindly} confronted me with. This being, Love.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

I am a huge fan of loving people. It’s something that God has specifically laid on my heart and it’s something I strive for, every day. My motto in life, is basically, to love people more than myself.

I’m very sorry if my last post came across as being hateful. I didn’t mean for it to, at all. I stay true to what I said and I’m not taking any of it back. But I do want to say, that I absolutely believe that homosexuals and those of transgender, need love.

Everybody needs love. There’s no one on earth who doesn’t deserve it.

I don’t care what you’ve done or said. Jesus died for you, and if He could love each of us through all the sins we’ve committed, then surely we as humans, can love each other. It’s something He has called us to.

So…. Yes. I absolutely despise the act of homosexuality and transgenderism. But I do not hate the people. A sin is a sin, and I cannot base my love for a person, off what they do. I need to base my love for a person, off God’s love for them.

Well, that’s all. Just wanted to write that and get that cleared up. 🙂

Thanks again for reading, y’all!! I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments on here.

Have a great day.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

13 thoughts on “I Love Them.”

  1. […] There’s my long rant, for the day. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, but these are my beliefs and I will stick true to them. If you want to debate, then contact me, via my contact page. And. NOTE: I absolutely do not hate homosexuals or transgenders. I may hate the act, but I do not hate them as people. I love them like anyone else. Read my thoughts on that, here. […]

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  2. Amen. I can say from experience (not necessarily with this particular issue, but I won’t go into details) that when a friend or family member does something you deeply disagree with, it can be hard to know how to respond. But I firmly believe that you should keep loving them, and part of loving someone is telling them the truth, not simply accepting their decisions that you believe are wrong.
    Great couple of posts.

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  3. Yes!! Very well said. Hate the sin, love the sinner, is one way I’ve heard it put a lot. And goodness knows we’re all guilty of sinning… but we’re all very much loved by Jesus. 🙂 Well put.

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