Women Weren’t Meant To Be Weak.

I have always had this deep yearning inside of me, which I think most women push away. The yearning to be pregnant and to have kids and to raise a family…It’ something which I’ve longed for and felt a tugging at my heart for. Something I’ve always wanted and prayed for.

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I want to get married to the person who I love and to have kids with him and to raise them, loving God. I want piles of babies…I love babies and I always wanted my own.

This is something my heart longs for. And I wish other women felt the same.

Women were meant to reproduce. I mean, look at our bodies, for crying out loud…They were literally built for the purpose of becoming and being pregnant and for giving birth and raising the child. It’s extremely obvious what God built us for.

So, SO many women these days think that the art of having and raising children is a curse. But it’s not! It’s something only women can do…Something so unique and beautiful.

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A lot of women today think that their role is to be better than men. It’s like this thought in the back of our heads, that we need to be at least as good as them, but also try and be better. We want to be the strong women who don’t lower ourselves to the degrading thought of letting pregnancy take over our body and soul. We don’t want to be viewed as weak, meaningless individuals. We think that having and raising children is a burden and something that ruins our lives, if we partake in it.

I’m not a feminist…But I’ve always been of the mindset that women need to be strong. I’ve grown up being stronger than most people my age, due to my work with my Dad and I’ve always resented the thought of women being the weakest, unmeaning ones.

Yes. I totally believe that a woman should submit to her husband. But there is absolutely no reason why she needs to be the weakest, meaningless of humans. That’s something each person decides for themselves. Even if you’re physically weak, it doesn’t mean that your mind has to be, or your will to do more.

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We live in a society that basically proclaims, “Either follow your heart, pursue your career and be viewed as a strong individual, or get married young, have a pile of kids and you’ll be viewed as weak for not pursuing your dream, and your life will be miserable.”

I’ll say, pursuing a career can be a beautiful and wonderful thing. But ultimately, I think that God made women to fill and beautify the earth. We were meant to reproduce and raise children who love and honor God.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to pursue your dream. I want to be a professional photographer and honestly, I’m not half-bad at it… but I’ve also realized that getting married young and having kids would run into that. So I prioritize that wish, over wanting to be a photographer. It’s just how it is. You can wish for both. But you can’t prioritize both. So, you’ve gotta choose. And you need to choose, based off your convictions and what you feel like God made you for.

If anything, God never, ever made women to be weak. We’re made in the image of God, and God isn’t weak in the slightest. And, women have babies, for crying out loud! Women are the ones who are most in charge of raising the children. Women are the ones who take care of the home. Men are the providers, but women are the fillers. We’re the ones who add to what the men bring. It’s not degrading or ugly or meaningless…Adding to something is just important as bringing it. And it can be beautiful and full, and the most meaningful. Women are in absolutely no ways whatsoever, weak or meaningless……….

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I am taking midwifery this year as a one-semester science and I am constantly in awe of the whole process of pregnancy. God is incredibly wonderful. And the thought that I get to one day participate in this beautiful thing He has constructed, just fills me with happiness.

I cannot even describe the feeling I have, in this regards. Never before have I felt more passionate and had such a longing… It’s something God has supplanted into me.

Nurturing and raising little humans is something God has called us to…. It’s not a curse. It’s a big, beautiful thing that we GET to be a part of! I absolutely cannot wait for the day, when I’m married and have kids… It fills my heart with warm joy, to think of it.

Anyways. I just felt like writing my thoughts out, on this. I know I’ll probably get some backlash. But I’ve given up caring. We weren’t meant to be silent…So let me know your thoughts in the comments, below. I’d love to know what your opinion is.

Carpe Diem!


25 thoughts on “Women Weren’t Meant To Be Weak.”

  1. Women are strong! Strong hearted, emotionally strong, strong bodied. No wimp can bear children. No wimp can raise children. No wimp can a help meet for a husband.

    This is an excellent post K! In the day we live in women are weakened into believing that family life and the natural life of a woman is old fashioned, old world concepts that degrade and do not value women. Yet, this world holds women to societal standards and a life that is far more demeaning than the other.

    Never change my little buddy! Youโ€™re smart and on the right track!

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  2. I absolutely agree with you on all these points- wonderfully written!! I have gotten some weird looks from my friends when Iโ€™ve told them what I want to โ€˜beโ€™ when Iโ€™m older is simply a wife and mother. Itโ€™s sad that people donโ€™t view the job of a mother as anything important at all, when really itโ€™s is one of the, if not the most, important job.

    Great post Keziah!! โค๏ธ

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    1. Amen, Olivia!! And, same…It’s really sad when people think it’s crazy that I literally dream of having kids and being a mother and wife….But oh well. We just need to stay strong, together. โค


  3. Great post!
    Woman are so not weak!! I mean, we have babies after all. You got be strong to do that. lol.
    God didn’t create us to be weak, or feeble! He created us to be strong!
    I totally agree with what you are saying!

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  4. I just was reading another post that you posted today, but I cannot find it on your blog. It was an essay you did for school, I believe, and it was about social media. I was going to comment on it, but for some reason it is not on you blog. Do you know what happened?
    Anyways, I liked that post, I think what you wrote about is so true! People really need to read more things like that!

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  5. as a feminist, this was extremely motivational for me. personally, i’m not the kind of girl who focuses on reproducing, and while i totally agree, women were meant to reproduce, i also think that some of us find joy in other things like pushing ourselves to thrive and succeed. great points mentioned here, thank you for this โค

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  6. Hey Keziah! I was looking through my bookmarks tonight and remembered that Iโ€™d saved your post to comment on. Apologies for not getting around to this earlier! As always, this was such a thoughtful read and really resonated with me. For a few short months I did get to enjoy the miracle of life. Even though the circumstances of the pregnancy were, how shall we put it, highly unideal, I felt on an instinctual level that what my body was doing, nurturing a baby, was right. Iโ€™d feel these tiny flutters and be reminded of moments in which I dreamed of such a time, no matter what others had to say about my experience being invalid.

    My partner and I hope to have our rainbow baby earthside one day but for now Iโ€™m content with my memories. You are absolutely spot on in all that youโ€™ve said. Us women are not weak in our longing and we are highly capable of balancing many roles, especially in todayโ€™s modern society. We are at the very centre of all that is. The entire fabric of our society would not be if not for a womenโ€™s capabilities, her gift. From the very beginning I knew that I loved my child. I felt a strong sense of devotion. There are very few things in life that call upon a greater purpose in this way!

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    1. Amen, Maryam!! Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring thoughts. I am so sorry for the circumstances which brought about your pregnancy, but I am so joyful that you were able to experience the feel of life and being, within you… the yearn for it is so powerful and strong and I admire you for going through what you have and coming out how you are. Thank you so much for reading and keep up the good work, Maryam.๐Ÿ’•

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      1. Of course! Happy to share. Life is all about learning and evolving and that was a stage of my life where my experiences changed my beliefs and understanding so profoundly. There was definitely blessing and favour in there, even if it was hard to see at the time. Sending you lots of love x

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