Object When You Are Not Subjected

There is something which I do not understand. Something which is so hard for me to comprehend and something I wish I didn’t have to even try to contemplate.

I do not understand why people comply to something they do not need to. I do not understand why people have become accustomed to wearing a mask as a clothing item, when we are not being forced to.

There is so, so much research out that states that wearing a mask does not help contain the virus. And we’ve seen this!! People STILL get sick, even when they wear a mask.

Please don’t think I am saying that I don’t care about anyone else, or that I’m “selfishly rebelling”.

I have the right to opinion as anyone else does and I don’t see a point in wearing masks.

It isn’t this that bothers me so much, though. I’m not zealously passionate over mask-wearing and don’t mean to start an argument.

Nah, but I’d have been happy if the government just said, “Those that care to wear masks, may wear them. Those who don’t wish to, don’t have to. ” and left it open to the free choice.

A town near me, has a mandate of wearing a mask when you enter public buildings. Want to know something, though? Even though it is “mandated”, a person can still enter a store in this town, and not be forced to wear a mask.

Yes. I know that not all towns are like this. Some are much, much more regulated or they are much more laid back.

What I am trying to say, however, is that we have the right to object, when we are not subjected.

Who cares what everyone else is doing?? Do you know HOW empowering it is, to go into a store without a mask, and see another human being, without one? It is SO encouraging. Like there’s still a little hope for humanity…

I want to challenge you, to not just follow what everyone else does…. If you have the free choice (and aren’t being forced) to do something you feel is right, then do it!! Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from it.

We were born into “free” America, weren’t we?? Then why don’t we start acting like it…..

21 thoughts on “Object When You Are Not Subjected”

  1. K, I believe some people just want to be controlled. I think they find comfort in not having to think for themselves and allowing someone to think for them and do for them. However, these people have no idea who they’re relinquishing themselves to.

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      1. Right, exactly. And I think fear is becoming so much more habituated… People are afraid of the unknown, and afraid of what might happen if they think on their own and do differently than everyone else. So if we stand up and drive away fear and accept that we have full right to think on our own, that’s when change will begin to happen for the good.

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      2. This is exactly how I felt in a post yesterday.

        And it’s like, how I’ve thought that since everyone is being taught to be an individual and “just be you” everyone is out there doing the same thing.

        Jesus is the Truth. If you don’t know Him, you’ll fall for anything.

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  2. This is EXACTLY how I feel!! I mean, we live in America for crying out loud! No one should be forced by the government to wear something over their face! It’s like people believe that the government genuinely wants what’s best for the people. Very insightful post!

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  3. I sooooo agree with this! I’m sick of the government being able to say wear a mask, and in my state that is enforced in any semi large store. Like, if you walk into Walmart and your not wearing a mask, they ask you if you need one, meaning, “WHERE IS YOUR MASK?”.
    It’s frustrating.

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  4. This is pretty much how I feel about the whole issue. Unfortunately, lots of people want to be taken care of by the government and don’t care what they have to give up to do so–i.e. communism.

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  5. Yes! It’s so sad, frustrating, and maddening to walk into a store and see the majority of people with a mask on! We need to live like free people before it’s too late!

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