In 2021, DON’T Say Goodbye.

Thought Catalog wrote an article entitled “In 2021, Say Goodbye To Toxic Humans”. It basically stated that in 2021, a person should cut off all negative relationships they have, getting rid of any darkness in their life, because “you deserve to be surrounded by sunlight.”

Sunlight isn’t bad. It’s a beautiful thing and we need joy and love, to have a healthy life.

But, you know what? You’re not the only person who needs love and beauty and light. Everyone else does, too. And if we are constantly shutting out those of negative impact on us, then who will be the beauty and light to them?

Life was never, ever meant to be all rainbows and sunshine. We weren’t meant to take the easy path and always feel happy.

A life without work, isn’t a life worth living.

If we have joy and happiness in our life, we absolutely should not be keeping it to ourselves. We should be sharing it with those who are going through a hard time…We need to spread love and beauty, light and shine, where there is not. Where gloom, hate and ugliness live…We need to light up the darkest places with the joy and beauty we have been given.

So, this coming year, I don’t ask you to say goodbye to those toxic relationships in your life…Instead, invite them in. Be hurt and let it be hard…but don’t give up and never stop loving. There’s so much love we can give, that we don’t. And so much love that needs to be given.

So be the one to freely give it.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

14 thoughts on “In 2021, DON’T Say Goodbye.”

  1. This is something I’ve struggled with. I think you’re completely right. But I also think that some people are toxic enough in certain ways that I can’t bring them light, I’ll just get dragged into their darkness, and all I can do is keep a safe distance from them and pray that they will find the light in a way that does not destroy me. I don’t know, I could be wrong…

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    1. Right… I get that. And I think in that case, you need to know your strengtjs and weaknesses, and not put yourself in a situation, that drags you down, rather than bringing the other up.

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  2. Great points, Keziah! I’ve never thought about it this way before, but it’s definitely something I need to do. Let people in, even if it hurts. ❤

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  3. Whenever I hear someone say that we “deserve” something good, I think of the Garden of Eden and give a wry smile internally. We don’t “deserve” anything good of ourselves, but if we’ve been blessed with something good, the least we can do is share it with others. Thanks for writing this, Keziah, and see you in 2021.

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