3 Best Christian Films of All Time

I am going to be telling y’all what I think are the top 3, absolute best Christian films ever produced.

So, let’s go! In no particular order…

1. I’m Not Ashamed

I actually wrote about this movie last year. You can read my thoughts on it, here.

I’m Not Ashamed is rated PG-13 and is the true story of one of the Columbine High School shooting victims. Rachel Joy Scott went through a lot of struggles and dark times, but she really, really loved Jesus. Watching her story unfold in front of me always breaks my heart, but grows a stronger desire for me to live and follow God with everything in me. If you want a good, Christian inspirational movie, then I’m Not Ashamed is for you. I just love it.

2. I Still Believe

This movie is a newer one; it came out this year. This is also a very, very inspirational one. In case you didn’t figure it out, I’ve got a thing for sad, inspirational Christian movies. I figure, if I’m going to spend my time watching something, then it had better be worth my time. And when a Christian movie inspires me to live more for God, I’m all in for it, no matter how much it hurts to watch.

Anyways. Enough rambling. Onto this movie.

I Still Believe is rated PG. It’s about Christian artist Jeremy Camp, and his and his girl’s story. It’s traumatically sad and heartbreaking, but also so hopeful and beautiful. It’s an amazingly inspiring movie, sure to bring you to tears (or at least close) and absolutely made to reignite your passion to follow Jesus.

3. Unplanned

Unplanned is rated R. But it’s so, so worth it.

This has definitely got to be the hardest, sickest, messiest movie I’ve ever watched. But it’s also got be the absolutely most inspiring movie that fills you with so, so much passion to do something.

Unplanned is about pro-choice abortionist, Abby Johnson and how God turns her life around. Yes, it’s rated R because of all the abortion material and this movie is pretty graphic. But don’t let that scare you away. People need to watch things like this. How can we stand aside and ignore this issue, when it’s all around us? You absolutely need to watch this movie. It’s extremely inspiring in that, it makes you want to do something. And that’s a perfectly Christian desire, to stop this. So, watch this. Because you need to.

Okay, well that’s that! Hope y’all liked this post. Please, please watch these movies, when you can. They’ll change your life and inspire you to live more for God. I promise.

Carpe Diem.

-Keziah ❤

36 thoughts on “3 Best Christian Films of All Time”

  1. I don’t watch a lot of Christian movies, to be honest, but I was really hoping Unplanned would be on here. I remember being disappointed that I didn’t make it to the theater to see it when it was out, but then I was pleasantly surprised to see that the theater here kept it for a second week. They have plenty of screens, but movies like that around here are dismissed as right-wing propaganda. I went to see it alone, because I knew that most of my friends wouldn’t want to see it… it was so good. I need to watch it again, because given the way the world is these days, I could use a reminder that sometimes the good guys win…

    (I haven’t seen the other two that you have on here.)

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    1. Yes, amen!! Unplanned is an amazing movie that I think a lot of people are scared to see, because they know it will be unnerving… It’s sad, really, the way people are getting these days with that.

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  2. I watched UnPlanned too, and it broke my heart!!! It is such a good movie, I’m so glad you highlighted it here!! Its so deep I don’t think anything could describe it so well assimply watching the movie!
    I also saw I Still Believe. It was really good, supercute at the beginning and then as it progressed it was like “wow, we just fell into the deep end!” (Haven’t seen ‘I’m not Ashamed”, it sounds good though!)
    For me, the other most influential movie I watched last year was Overcomer, by the Kendrick brothers. Did you see that one?

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      1. I know! I’ve also seen Grace Unplugged, and War Room, which I liked (both of them). My family doesn’t watch a lot of Christian movies, so I’ve seen most of them with my former youth group.

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    1. You totally should!! It would be great if you did (and let me know what you think, after you do!). And yes!! All those are great ones. I LOVE the God’s Not Dead ones. Have you seen the 3rd?

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