Speak Before The Past Is Lost.

As the years have gone by, more and more people have strayed away from the art of telling stories….Fewer and fewer storytellers are left.

I think I know the reason why.

From my personal opinion, I believe it is because of technology. Instead of telling a story about something our sibling did, we videotaped it…Instead of remembering our wedding day, we look at photos.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with those things. I’m a photographer, so I live for capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Yet, I do think we have come to rely on technology too much. And I’m as much to blame, as anyone….

Instead of picking up a pen and writing a letter to our aunt, describing the past events of the month, we post photos on social media, hoping others view the images. Or perhaps we text a couple photos to an uncle, and ask how his month has been…Sure. You’re creating conversation. But it’s not the same, as having a handwritten account of the story and memories you have experienced.

We wonder why the younger generation has problems communicating with each other; why they don’t write or tell stories. And it’s so simple. So very obviously simple.

Rather than picking up a pen and a piece of paper, we pick up our phone; reach for the iPad, or login into our laptop. We have become SO USED to having storytelling easy to access, that it’s started to die away. We don’t tell stories, anymore. We just share them.

And it’s NOT the same.

Few people anymore, can sit down and tell you a realistic, animated story. The kind that leaves you captivated, and wishing you could tell stories like that… There just aren’t many people like that.

I’ve got an uncle who can tell stories in an amazing way. When we meet at family reunions, my cousins and I gather around him and ask him to tell us a story. And he does. His stories always leave us laughing until our stomachs hurt, and wishing we could tell stories like he could…..

And I’ve been thinking. I wish that everyone could tell stories better. I wish they’d take the time to stop relying on technology to speak for them…I wish people would speak for themselves.

Because we need more writers in this world. More storytellers. People who will pass stories on down to their kids, and those kids, to their kids, and so on….Like how it used to be. Rather than just sharing a photo, and hoping they could feel the emotion from the little image.

It doesn’t work that way.

And we need to realize that. We need to realize that not everyone will stand up and begin to write more of the memories they have, or the things which they experience. Since not everyone will, it’s even more important that we do….before it all dies away and all that is left, is a couple of emotionless photos, with untold stories.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

16 thoughts on “Speak Before The Past Is Lost.”

  1. Totally agree!! I was doing some thinking about technology, awhile back, and too notice just how inept our teen friends are at communicating, or actually doing or writing something productive … instead, there’s a lot of social media hype. I’m with Phil Robertson on this one … kids in America are fat because they play video games … 😂 Okay, maybe not …
    But you’re right – with more technology, we’re losing a lot of the skills that help us remember and share history. And what happens if we lose technology? So you’re right – let’s get out there and DO things – SAY things!

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  2. Yassss! Makes a lot of sense. Einstein even said it one time, “With the advancement of technology, the world will ha e a generator of idiots.” Literally, he meant that people will no longer do the things we used to do.
    Storytelling has dropped these days due to our involvement with devices. Memories too are based on pictures, like you said.

    That is why people from where I’m from always say that, if you want your child to be intelligent, do not hand them any device. Let them reason on their own and from there, be useful and productive.

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  3. Hi Keziah! I just found your blog and have really enjoyed looking around. You worded your thoughts in this post excellently. It’s another of the many reasons why I love telling stories. But even then, I’ve caught myself squinting behind my camera’s lens, trying to record things for the future while not being fully immersed in the present, like we were designed to. This was a great reminder. ❤

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  4. Wow! This is so true! I’ve noticed as my friends grow older and are allowed to have their own phones and social media that they seem to be more and more distracted. I’m sick of the negative effect of technology! So many things are lost because of it! Like, how many people prefer watching youTube to reading a book, or scrolling through endless social media feeds instead of spending time outdoors or in God’s word.
    Technology kind of stinks if you think about it. I mean, in some ways it is good, but writing a letter in your own handwriting is much more personal than a text.

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