Covid19 Vaccines + Abortion

Like things couldn’t get worse with the coronavirus and just this world in general.

I’m sure that you are intrigued by my title and I beg of you to read my whole post. I am going to share what others have not, and what MUST be spoken and written of. We cannot remain silent on this matter.

Many vaccines (yes, many. Not just the new covid19 one.) contain cells from aborted fetuses.

The FDA says on the fact sheet of many child vaccines, including for measles and rubella, contain ingredients cultured in “WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts.”

ABC News says, “Merck, the vaccine’s manufacturer, acknowledged that those cells were originally obtained from an electively aborted fetus. They were used to start a cell line, which is a cell multiplied over and over again to produce cells that are of a consistent genetic makeup. The WI-38 cell line is used as a culture to grow live viruses that are used in vaccines.”

Johnson + Johnson have even admitted to using aborted fetus cells in the new covid19 vaccine. Y’all can read for yourself about all this. I’m including some links below, and you can even Google it for yourself to see what I’m talking about.

Let’s rise up and stop giving in to EVERYBODY around us. We need to think for ourselves once, people!!

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ❤

12 thoughts on “Covid19 Vaccines + Abortion”

  1. That is horrible that they’re doing that. Thanks for sharing I did not know that. I don’t plan on getting the covid shot, because I know two people who got bell’s palsy and a ton more reasons.

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  2. I absolutely agree. People have to stop believing everything they’re told and start thinking for themselves. Especially be resistant! Many don’t want the shot but just go with the flow. If you don’t agree, then DONT AGREE!

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    1. It depends on your personal opinion… I am not interested in getting a vaccine, whatsoever and I haven’t been worried about the virus. So it’s really a matter of opinion.
      Thanks for reading!!

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  3. My great-grandfather nearly died from the vaccine. His medication is basically keeping him alive. Thank the LORD he’s physically getting better.
    I also do know of some other families with the same thing. It is very scary.

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