If Only We Did Not Care.

You know, SO many people just have this overwhelming fear, of what others think of them.

You go to a party, dressed in that cute outfit, and suddenly you feel self-conscious; overdressed for the event… Your lip randomly swells up (speaking from experience right here. 😁), and you can’t decide whether to attend an event or not, because… What will others think?….. Mirrors exist all around, and people constantly are checking themselves to make sure they look good and all right, and “nothing is wrong”.










We are our own person.

Others’ view of us should not control us.

The more that we begin to step out; To be who God made us to be… The more we will find joy in who WE are as a person and how unique we are, than what others think.

And being able to be ourselves without fear of rejection, is a beautiful thing.

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ❀

19 thoughts on “If Only We Did Not Care.”

  1. Thank you for this… and this was timely for me to read, since just yesterday I was pushed out of a Facebook fan group I’ve followed for years because I had the wrong opinion on something. Look, lady, I know you’re not from the US and you don’t understand freedom, but if you’re going to say that certain topics are off limits in the group, then that means both sides of that topic are off limits, not just people who react differently from how you do. And if certain opinions are off limits, come out and say so instead of being passive-aggressive. I don’t need these people in my life.

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  2. YES GIRL!! Sometimes its hard for me when I’m meeting guys in particular, wanting to be friendly, but not wanting to be perceived as flirty … but I should just be MYSELF! XD πŸ˜‚ This is SO good!

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      1. OMIGOODNESS, I’M SO SORRY!! 😭 I really have to get writing .. I promise, I’m opening my browser right now so I can check it and respond, okay? I’ll respond soon! Love you love you!! πŸ€—πŸ’

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