Fight or Flight – It’s ALWAYS A Choice.

We were made to have others in our life.

Some of us are more introverted and we prefer some alone time, while others prefer being around people, more.

I don’t care who you are, or what you label yourself as being.

We. All. Need. People.

Since we need people in our lives, we try and have the best relationships.

But, guess what? We’re not perfect. Nobody is.

Because of this fact, there will always, absolutely ALWAYS be conflict and hardships, with relationships.

I have a horrible, HORRIBLE tendency to run from conflict. I absolutely despise people opposing me, in any way. It hurts me to think other people think I’m wrong, and I am just overall, a very prideful person. I don’t like being wrong, or opposed. I’ve been trying to work on it. But I need to continue working on it, because it’s something I have struggled with, for years.

So many people of today’s culture are choosing to run from a relationship when it gets hard. They don’t want to deal with the pain and trials that they see will come with pushing through it.

When you are in a relationship with someone (and it doesn’t have to be romantic, at all….it can be with a parent, or sibling, or best friend.), you get to choose whether to pursue it in the long run and to deal with the hard times….or to run from it and go to a new relationship.

So, so many people choose to run.

But, guess what?

You can’t run forever.

Flee you may, but overtaken you will become.

What we run from, eventually will catch up to us…there’s no avoiding it.

We need to stop running from conflict and the battle we were made to fight. We must stop fleeing when it gets hard, and start fighting for the relationships around us. It’s fighting for love….the continuance of joy and friendship. The purging-out of hate and broken relationships.

With devotion, comes struggles. But through struggles and darkness, the brightest and deepest bonds can be formed.

So, friend. You need to decide, today. Right now…at this very moment.

Will you flee, or will you fight – passionately fight – for the relationships in your life?

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

11 thoughts on “Fight or Flight – It’s ALWAYS A Choice.”

  1. Spot O N, Keziah! We cannot conquer what we will not confront! I’m a huge proponent of facing our fears and taking the challenges head-on — and you’re totally right that we need to do it in our relationships too! I’ve always been such a pushover and was terrified to confront conflict in friendships, but that’s sometimes I’m working on as I embrace challenges this year instead of running from them. Thanks for spreading this message! 😍

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    1. Thanks so much!! And you go for that!! I bet the more you strive for it, you can totally accomplish getting better at that. It’s something I definitely struggle with too, so we can work on it together. 🙂
      Thank you for reading!!!

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  2. I will always fight for the relationships unless something happens and the other person proves that they are not worth spending time with and if that’s the case, then I just leave and get on with my life.

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    1. Yeah, I think there’s some points where you just need to leave and pray instead. But there are a lot of times where we need to stick close, especially when it’s hard.
      Thanks for reading!

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  3. This is a really important challenge that everyone needs to face. I have been in these situations before, where I had to say “this isn’t right and we need to fix this.” Thanks for sharing this message! xx

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