i felt love. i felt pain.

I felt love.
I felt pain.
Days had sun,
Some had rain.

I felt strong,
I felt weak.
Some days shown,
Others, felt bleak.

All felt lost;
I loathed life.
I hated the pain,
And I hated the strife.

I felt upset,
Too upset to cry.
What was my purpose?
Why couldn’t I die?

The days felt dark,
Too dark for the light.
I began to fade,
Too weak; no might.

The longer I wallowed
In my sorrow and pain,
The more I felt lost,
The less I had gained.

Regret slowly came,
And I took it in.
I wished I’d done differently,
I wished I could win.

Regret replaced depression;
My heart ached, still.
Darkness came again,
And it planned to kill.

On the fringe of death,
I lay, weak and cold.
Sobbing in sorrow,
Wishing truth, I’d been told.

That was when light,
That glorious luminescence,
Flooded into my heart;
Drove away the darkness.

The pain was still there,
It wouldn’t ever leave,
But now I had a chance;
And I’d no longer grieve.

I threw off my wallowing,
I put on joy.
I strived to do better;
I would not be destroyed.

It was all but a choice,
That led me where I had been.
All but a choice,
That led me out of my sin.

Choose your choices carefully,
They’ll decide where you end.
Don’t give in too easily;
You want to grow; not mend.

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