So… I’ve Got A Beau… ❤

Hey, y’all.

Yes. I have a beau. He’s so great.

I suppose I should tell you a little bit about us…

So, Micah and I met almost 4 years ago, at my homeschool co-op. I was a new student and he introduced himself to me. I was attracted to him when I first met him, but he wasn’t really thinking about all that. I told myself that I wouldn’t actually like him until I knew him better…

We had a Chemistry class together at our co-op and made a lot of eye contact… That’s what (he’s told me, later..) first made him slightly attracted to me.

Our co-op, one year. 🙂

Well, then I got to know him better. And the more I got to know him, the more I liked him and was attracted to him. We went to Worldview Academy Camp in 2019 and that was when he began to be attracted to me, seeing more of my beliefs and opinions out in the open…

That fall, we went to a masquerade ball together. I was as infatuated as ever and just SO happy. I was 15, and he was 16. Definitely too young for a relationship in my eyes, and my parents.

Just hanging out and painting together. 🙂

Well, the next year we got to know each other a lot better, started to fall a little in love… We went to another masquerade ball together that I set up, and that fall, he asked Dad if he could court me.

Our first ball together! (We look so stiff and awkward, it’s so awful. XD)

I was as happy as ever… It’s one thing to like a guy. It’s a whole nother thing to have a guy ask your dad if he can pursue you, with marriage in mind. I was so giddy.

Dad told Micah that we could court, once we had both finished graduation. When I first started high school I had decided I only wanted to do it in 3 years, instead of 4. So, that meant that we only had to wait until the next Summer, to start courting.

Pre-courting, when I did a photoshoot of him for his senior photos. 🙂

It didn’t seem that far away at the moment… And it really wasn’t.

Yet, those next couple of months were really, really hard.

Our parents were adamant about Micah and I staying, and acting as friends, UNTIL we graduated. Absolutely no sooner. Which was great. It helped us to develop our friendship to a level I sincerely doubt most people have between each other, at that stage in a relationship. However, we just had the desire to touch more and be with each other more… To single one another out a lot more.

We absolutely adore dancing. So much. 🙂

But… We couldn’t. We had to remain as friends. And Micah and I struggled. We struggled really, really hard with this. It was a very hard time. Yet, we got through it, and it made us even closer than ever before. We learned to trust God through it all and to be content with where we were in the PRESENT and not be constantly wanting the future.

On June 3rd, we graduated with some of our old Chemistry pals, and we started courting. It’s been wonderful, so far. Absolutely worth the time we spent, waiting. 💕

We went to another ball together in 2020!!

When you read this, I’ll be attending Worldview Academy Camp yet again, and I’m sure I’ll be having a wonderful time. Attendees aren’t allowed to show affection or act like they are in a relationship, so that will be a bit hard, but I know Micah and I can get through it. 😊

And, that’s basically our story… We plan on getting married eventually and just following God in all we do. 🙂

Hope y’all enjoyed that. Just thought I’d share. ❤

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

33 thoughts on “So… I’ve Got A Beau… ❤”

  1. Oh Keziah, this is so wonderful. I’m very happy for you! I’m not too familiar with the courtship process but it sounds like the two of you have spent ample time becoming close and figuring out the ways in which you are special and unlike the rest. That slow, sustainable bond is really precious nowadays when so many people treat others as if they’re replaceable! Sending lots of love and light your way. I wish you and Micah the utmost joy together! x

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  2. Congratulations, Keziah!! I’m so excited for you! I know this new journey will be fun and beautiful as well as hard sometimes, but I hope that you’ll be able to see the Lord at work in both of you. Keep livin’ for Jesus!! ❤❤

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  3. “Attendees aren’t allowed to show affection or act like they are in a relationship” – Well, if some attendees are already in a relationship, then I think it’s completely unfair and wrong to prevent them from acting like they are in a relationship if they already are.

    But otherwise, I think this whole thing is awesome and I’m so happy for you!

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  4. Gah! You finally posted it!! I’m dying because it snuck up on me and here it is …. *dies* *revives* GURL. I am so happy for you! Have a wonderful time at camp, and love him with all your heart! XD Love ya! 💕 (Goodness, that senior photoshoot is too cute! 😂)

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  5. Yessss so excited for this post finallyyyy! Congrats so much on graduating and on courtship and I hope you’re having a wonderful time at camp. I’ll try to write you back this week ❤️

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  6. I am SO excited for you guys! That’s wonderful. ❤ I know I don't comment on here a lot, but I'd just like to let you know how amazing and beautiful this is and I pray God will grow you both in your relationship and faith!
    You two are adorable together, btw. 😉

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  7. Congrats! I can’t wait till I be in a courtship. I just graduated the end of last month and we had a graduation party for me at our church. That was so exciting. Soon ill be starting online college courses.

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