They All Count.

"But Clarisse’s favorite subject wasn’t herself. It was everyone else, and me. She was the first person in a good many years I’ve really liked. She was the first person I can remember who looked straight at me as if I counted." 
- Fahrenheit 451 ~ Ray Bradbury

I absolutely adore “Fahrenheit 451”. It is SUCH a well written, classic story, which insights much thought.

The above quotes is one of my favorites. It makes me think about my own life, a lot.

Our world would be so, so very different if we stopped looking at ourselves, and instead, looked at others, and asked how we could help them. And be there for them. And to not only be so focused on ourselves.

Have you ever met someone who you could just feel, that they genuinely cared about you? That they wanted the best for you? It’s really special and something that is becoming less and less of, in our world.

But, you know what? People count. Every. Single. Person. Counts.

Nobody is better than another. We all mess up and it isn’t our place to judge.

I want to be a person who people can look to, to feel loved and cared for. Not to who they know I am only looking out for myself. It is so, so hard to do… Jesus was an amazing example to us with it.

But I’m going to try for it. Here’s to striving for a more selfless life. Y’all in on this with me? Let’s go for it!!

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

9 thoughts on “They All Count.”

  1. I’m with ya, Keziah! Thanks for bringing this to my forefront today … I absolutely want to be that kind of caring person too! I’ve been inspired by friends and acquaintances who ARE that kind of supportive TRUE friend to me, and I hope that someday I can be as loving towards them. (My letter just needs a stamp, then I’ll mail it! 😅) Did you notice this concept at the camp you attended?

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  2. Yess thanks for this! I’ve been thinking about this some and praying for my eyes to be opened to other people’s pain even in what I’ve gone through this week so that I can love them where they need it. Thanks for the reminder 🙏❤️

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