I’m Publishing A Book And Need YOUR HELP!!!

Hey y’all!

I’ve been up to something *decently* big…

M and Carly Manes have been working towards publishing a children’s book entitled “What’s An Abortion, Anyways?” which I entirely disagree with.

If y’all have read this blog of mine long enough, you know how passionate I am, about being a pro-life advocate.

So. Naturally. I wanted to do something.

And, yep. Here I am, telling y’all that your very own Keziah, is working towards publishing her own book, “What’s So Bad About An Abortion, Anyways?”

Now…I have had some people tell me that they don’t agree with this…that it isn’t the right answer. And I respect your opinions.

But, don’t worry. I am not making this book graphic, or bloody, or anything that children should NOT see. This book celebrates life. This book shows that abortion is awful, and that unborn lives matter.

I have the book all written out. I have an artist working on the drawings (she’s amazing at it and I am SO excited for the end product!!) and I am going to try and get this published as SOON as I can!!

I really, really would appreciate y’all either…1. Donating funds to my GoFundMe here (also checking out my website!), for publishing this book. 2. Praying and offering support and encouragement. And, 3. (This one is HUGE)…SHARE THIS!! If y’all are for the world knowing that life is sacred and abortion is awful, then share this with your friends and family, please!!! We need the word out!!

Thanks for reading, y’all!

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

18 thoughts on “I’m Publishing A Book And Need YOUR HELP!!!”

  1. I’m so proud of you, Keziah! This is exactly what Christians should be doing in response to today’s society’s views towards things like this. We must speak up and share the truth. If you need any help at all with this project, let me know! I’m more than happy to help. I’ll be spreading the word about this, too.
    Good work and good luck!

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  2. Go Keziah!!! Even though I can’t make a donation today, I fully support what you’re doing and I know it’s going to be great!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to donate something next week. ❤ Love this!!

    Warmly, Olivia

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  3. You go girl!! Keep following what God has put in your heart to do and never stop, no matter what people say. There will be incredible results from your obedience to God ❤️ Love ya!

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