Your Life – More Contented

This has been a bit of a rough year for me, so far…. I have struggled a lot, and it’s been hard. But I’ve also learned so much, and I’m still learning.

Something I heard from a financial course I took, was:

There is a way for you to become content, and that is first to become grateful.”

This is something that most of us don’t remember. We want to be at a different place in life, or we want to have other things we don’t have, right now…But if we learn to be happy and satisfied with what we have NOW, we will live a happier lifestyle, being content with what we have.

Learning to be content is something I have been learning a LOT, this year…And I keep coming back to this…That God is always in control, that what He has given me is enough, and that being ungrateful and not being content, is questioning the things God has given me.

I struggle a lot with seeing other people do things and my not being able to… I feel left out; hurt… as if I don’t have anything fun to do.

It’s not wrong for me to be upset I can’t do something, or be a part of it. But for me to LET that control me and my emotions…isn’t right.

To become content and satisfied in our current positions of life, we must first strip ourselves of being a slave to jealousy and pride. When we are enslaved to these two, it rules us and we are not living to the best of our abilities.

A Bible verse which I really love, is Romans 8:28.

"For all things work together for good to them that love God, to those who are called, according to His purpose." 

See? No matter WHAT happens, God has a big and beautiful plan for us. It doesn’t help us, or God’s plans for us, to want what He hasn’t given. It’s like someone giving you a present and you asking for something bigger and better. Wouldn’t that be so rude?

God has given us this amazing gift of life… wouldn’t it be SO selfish and horrid of us to throw it away and say we want more? Something seemingly bigger and more glamorous?

YOU need to take your life and be content with what God has given you. And then live your life for glorifying HIM. Not for satisfying yourself. For what are earthly comforts, in comparison to what He has done for us?

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

12 thoughts on “Your Life – More Contented”

  1. This was an encouraging to me. Also please pray for me. I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and I’m really struggling in my sibling relationship.

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