Inward Intimacy

There is something SO important about intimacy, which our culture pushes away. A part of intimacy which many people never experience, and which everyone needs to.

In our culture today, we are surrounded by the notion that sexual intimacy is the closest we can become to a person.

But did you know….

Inward intimacy can be just as, if not more empowering, and bring you closer to that person.

When we decide to be open, to be free… When we decide to share all of us and to show the bad and the ugly… We are striving towards inward intimacy.

I’m not talking about you gossiping about that one friend, or about you “showing your true colors”, and going out and shooting a bunch of people.

I’m talking about, being open and honest with another person. Because when two people share their thoughts and their desires; their pain and their struggles; their joy and their overcomings… They become closer and so emotionally connected. It’s this, which portrays the practice of inward intimacy.

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And it’s a beautiful, amazing thing.

For years, I’ve been quiet and reserved with my personal experiences… Sure, I’d share bits and pieces of myself and what I’d gone through, but never about the super, super painful and deep things which I’d been through.

The past year though, my best friend (and beau 🥰) has been teaching me to trust him, more… To actually, truly open up and to be honest and to be real. And I cannot begin to tell you, how much I uesrn for others to experience this. To experience the intimacy and connection made, when two people share their deepest and darkest secrets.

For me, it was telling about something I’d done once, which made people lose trust in me, going deep into my phases of depression, and sharing about some of my really deep temptations and sinful struggles. It’s deep stuff, and it’s extremely scary to share with another person. You’re opening yourself up; you’re becoming so vulnerable, and you’re giving a piece of yourself, to another person.

But once you do, it heightens the relationship and tightens the bonds… When two people learn to trust each other to the point of sharing their deepest things, it’s a truly beautiful and healthy experience.

I’m not saying that you should just go to some random person and spill your thoughts, dreams and struggles… Definitely don’t do that. Instead, build up healthy relationships with people you feel like you can trust, and tell them… Tell them, “I want to grow closer to you emotionally, so let’s be open and honest with each other. ” And you know what? DON’T let them start it. YOU do it! Because when we take the first step towards emotional intimacy, others will follow. They see that you trusted them with yourself, so they want to let you know that you can trust them, too.


Find a person who you can trust; who you WANT to grow closer to, and who also wants that in your relationship. And then open up!! You’ll be absolutely amazed at the results.

Those are my thoughts for y’all. 😊

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ❤

(P.S. If you ever need prayer or want to talk about some stuff you’ve been going through, contact me via my contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I’d love to hear from you. 😉)

17 thoughts on “Inward Intimacy”

  1. How beautiful, Keziah! I’m so excited for you and Mr. Beau, and so glad that you’ve been able to share some of your deepest moments with each other and find a caring refuge. 🤗 This kind of intimacy is one of the aspects of marriage that I most look forward to!

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  2. The best advice! I had this very conversation with someone new I’m seeing today. I talked about the way I trust. Some people develop trust by withholding vulnerable thoughts and displaying a more stoic side to the other person but I develop trust by sharing more of myself and then seeing what the other person does with what they know.

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  3. So proud of you for doing this, girl, and I’m continuing to hold y’all up in prayer! Keep focusing on Him and I’m so excited to see what He does through y’all!

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  4. Question, you mentioned inward intimacy twice in the article and gave a definition to what you meant. Then, at the end, you used the term emotional intimacy. In my mind that is something different than what you described as inward intimacy, thus, my question, are you referring to the same thing?

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    1. Yes. I am referring to the same thing. Because when you are inwardly intimate, that creates a deep, emotional bond and intimacy with the other person. Does that make sense?


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