We Are Failing

Well, Mom and I went on a mission trip to Utah, at the end of July, of this year.

It was a lot what I expected. But also different. And a very, very humbling experience. I’ll explain why, in a moment.

First off, I am a Christian, who knows that Mormonism is wrong and full of false teaching. I don’t mean to be rude to any of my LDS readers on here; I’d LOVE to talk with you, and you may contact me, on my contact page. But I shall not rescind what I have just stated. I do quite honestly believe that the LDS church is very flawed.

While my group and I were in Utah, we worked on planting and growing an evangelical church, right near Salt Lake City.

In the area we were in (West Jordan), there are over 114,000 people and the church we helped plant, was the only evangelical church to suddenly be there.

The Salt Lake County boasts of an LDS chapel every 1.3 square miles.

We went to the tabernacle and the LDS conference center. It was so beautiful and so huge. I was genuinely impressed. There were “sisters” there, to talk to us – female missionaries who were young and had dedicated their time and money into serving their church. It was an honorable role to hold, and greatly desired among the Mormon youth.

The LDS church has a LOT of young people who dedicate their time to the church and the “missionfield”. The church had a huge conference once a year, with thousands of people attending, and free online streaming to anyone who wishes to watch. The LDS church’s buildings are so ornate and beautiful. So breathtaking. So much time and money spent on it all…

All for the sake of a false religion.

Do you want to know what I took away, the most?

I was greatly humbled and distraught, that most of the time… we as Christians, do not put nearly as much time, effort and money into bringing others to the Gospel, as we need to.

If these people can give SO much for a false religion, how much moreso should we give, when we KNOW that we have the truth?

We are failing as Christians.

I am failing. You are failing. We are ALL not doing as much as we possibly could.

There’s always more you could be doing.

We need to stand up. Share the truth. And be who God created us to be. Because honestly, we aren’t doing the very best job that we could.

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ❤

13 thoughts on “We Are Failing”

  1. Exactly! Just like in your podcast, girl, I love the heart you’ve shown for your faith and the passion you have for expanding His Kingdom. You’re so right – if only we, as a worldwide group of believers, actively shared our faith as much as they share about theirs! You’ve really inspired me to live out more witnessing in my life, drawing others to the truth. Thanks, Keziah – and great post! 🤗💕

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  2. Great post! My family and I have recently begun developing relationships with LDS missionaries and it has been a humbling and very interesting experience to say the least. For one thing, like you mentioned, it’s a convicting thought to wonder if we are that active in sharing the Gospel, so much that we devote our lives to it and to sharing it with everyone, even in non-Christian settings. And for another thing, I have begun to see their hearts for serving the Lord, even though they do have a lot of things amiss in their doctrine. And it’s also been interesting to find out all the strange beliefs they do have, but also the beliefs they have that are right on. And of course, seeing them as real people in need of love has been such a shift and it’s been beautiful to see their hearts open up more toward love because of the hole they have still in their hearts because they haven’t come to the fullness of God’s truth. Definitely a reminder to love and pray for them and watch for open doors to speak truth rather than judge and look down upon them!

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  3. i loved this ! i totally agree with you girl! people need to understand Gods truth and they need to realize their need for salvation and its up to us to tell them.we need to speak the truth to them in love and not be afraid.

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