Use Time Wisely.

Well, I couldn’t decide what to write for this post.

I usually have a couple of scheduled posts and they post on their own…but, I was running out of posts and so, here’s this.

A lot of times, the end of November and all of December, are really busy and hectic. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving, everyone else is pretty busy and so it sort of rubs off.

I just want to say, y’all should try and slow down.

Not JUST this Holiday season…but, all the time.

I’ve been extremely busy…what with babysitting, nannying half the week, 3 Bible studies, co-op, and just about every other thing I can fit in…I’ve had little time to just sit down and think.

And you know what?

Thinking is important.

Having time with God, is SO important.

We take it for granted a LOT.

If you haven’t graduated yet and you wish you had more things to do, then I’d encourage you to just sit down and pray more. Think more. Read more. Because you’re about to get SO busy with either college, moving out, a full time job, marriage, kids…it’s a lot. And it doesn’t slow down for an awful long time.

So, listen.

Please, PLEASE don’t be sad or depressed over where you are, now. If you have time on your hands, THEN USE IT!!! You’ll regret it SO much, if you don’t use it wisely. And you never, ever get the time back. EVER.


If you are SO busy, SO tired, SO worn out…and you aren’t able to get a lot of time to just think and pray…Then maybe cut one, small thing. Or figure out a way to mix things together.

I absolutely love listening to music, but sometimes when I’m driving, I turn it all off, and just pray and think. I still get to where I need to be, but I’m able to have that time to myself, too.

So, if you are extremely busy, I’d encourage you to do something like that.

Embrace the time that you have and use your time wisely, okay? It’s really, really important.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

6 thoughts on “Use Time Wisely.”

  1. This is a great message. So important that we use our resources of time and energy in a way that is beneficial and keeps us well and on track! That includes being discerning and knowing when to multitask and when we should step back and be present in the one activity we’re undertaking. And of course being sure to prioritise efficiently!

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  2. this message is so relatable. I’ve been super busy as well, and honestly sometimes I enjoy being busy. But it is always good to slow down once in awhile. It’s hard for me because right now I want to do everything that I can. I want to do all of the fun things that I have the opportunity too, but sadly there isn’t enough time. Part of the issue I’m having is that I’m graduating this year, and I don’t want high school to end. I want to seize every opportunity I have, but sometimes I take on too much. Thank you for the reminder to slow down!

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