Q&A With Keziah

Did a Q+A with Alicia!! She was so sweet to work with and I had a fantastic time doing this with her. Make sure to check her blog out and give her a follow!!!

Organized Chaos

Hey guys! What better way to start off December than with a Q&A! I have a special guest, Keziah, from KeziahE. She is the eldest of 6 children, 17 years old and finished high school. Keziah is a writer, hoping to publish a book soon What’s So Bad About Abortion? for children.

So now onto the questions!

Hey, Keziah! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey!! First of all, thanks SO much for asking me to do this Q&A, Alicia!! I feel quite honored to be on your lovely blog. 😊 And now, about myself…😁 I absolutely love photography. I’ve been doing that for around 9 years and have done a decent amount of photoshoots for others. 😊 I also love to read, write, crochet, dance and be with people!!

You are so welcome, Keziah! It’s such a honor to have you here! Wow! I’d love to…

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9 thoughts on “Q&A With Keziah”

  1. Oh Keziah, this interview was amazing to read! How exciting that you’ll be married next summer. Very happy for you! I’ve been speaking to my dad about how I might go about finding a relationship. So far I haven’t received any advice from other people that I think will be helpful to take on.. his view is very much that you court as well, not date, and with the specific intention of getting married. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that per se but I would like something committed that moves in the direction of marriage as we get older. Not really sure.. bit confused with how I’ll manage it honestly!

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    1. Thank you!! I highly recommend the book, The Sacred Search. And totally reach out to me!! I’d love to talk to you about it all and give any advice I may have!! ❤


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