Fight Hard, Sister.

I have battled this for years.
I have spent hours praying over this.
I have poured out tears over this.
I have struggled and fought this for so long…


That one word that has been the cause of my struggling for so, so long.


That sin that we as women, silently struggle with and no one…not one person…helps us with. Not one person comes alongside us and lifts us up.
We silently fight and struggle these temptations…

We silently breathe in the lies our culture tells us, that only men struggle with lust.
That only men look at pornography. That only men let their mind wander and think impure thoughts.

While we women lie in bed, tormented by our struggles. Alone and weighed down by our sins.

Why must we remain silent in the face of adversity?

Why does the church never speak on women struggling with lust?

Why do we lie to ourselves and everyone around, and say that our lives are perfectly normal…when every day, we struggle in impure ways?

Why must we bear the burden of this sin, when others are helped?

Just because we seem less sexually inclined, we aren’t. We have feelings and emotions and desires, too. We struggle and are tempted and try to fight…but until we as women start to stand up, and until the church itself starts to speak on this sin and the women suffering…

Until then, we will feel alone.

But, do you know what, sister?

You are not alone.

I struggle so much, daily. And so do others. God is with you in this and He has given you these desires and feelings for a reason.

So don’t be depressed. Face your temptations and fight so, so hard. Because God made you fight. He created you to defeat that which is not pure. He created you to WIN these battles.

So, fight sister. Fight with everything in you.

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ❤

9 thoughts on “Fight Hard, Sister.”

  1. this is a beautiful post, keziah. this is really something that needs to be talked about more in the church. thank you for writing this! ❤

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