You ARE Forgiven

Talking to God the other day, I realized something.

I realized, I don’t need to ask God to forgive me.


Because I AM already forgiven.

Why did Jesus die on the cross for us?

To pay for our sins.

We don’t need to ask Jesus to forgive us.

He already has.

That does not mean that we shouldn’t be repentant. Because we DO still need to be.

It just means that we need to fully embrace the forgiveness which our Lord has given us.

We need to say, Lord, I was wrong in doing this. Help me to not do this again. Thank you for forgiving me in the ways that you do. Please continue to help me.

Us asking for Jesus’s forgiveness is completely ignoring the reason He died on the cross for us.

He died that we might be forgiven freely.

Do you know what this means for us, as Christians?

It means that we need to show forgiveness and love freely, like Jesus does.

We need to be the person who, when someone does us wrong, is known for offering forgiveness freely and lovingly.

So often, we are caught up in the notion that, if someone does us wrong, we can hold a grudge and “unfriend” them.

Is that being forgiving like Christ?

It’s not. And we need to recognize that. We need to recognize our own faults and we need to embrace Jesus’s forgiveness and then shower it upon others.

In doing so, the love of God is shown more than a million words ever could describe.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

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