Look Up And Be Refreshed

You know those days when everything feels awful?
When it just feels as if the world is crumbling down, and nothing could be worse…
And all you want to do is curl up into a ball and cry and cry…

But you can’t.

Because you have responsibilities…things to do…people you have to please and jobs you have to work…

All feels hopeless.
All feels bleak…
Your body is emotionally and physically spent, but the day still has yet to end…

And do you know what?

All is NOT over.

You are strong.
You’ve been through hard times before.
And you are strong.

There is this overwhelming amount of peace that can come over you, when you ask God to help you. When you cling to Him in desperation.

The pain isn’t gone.

But the hopelessness is.

Suddenly, you HAVE a reason to hope. You HAVE a reason to press on.

And that reason…

Is peace.

And love.


And forgiveness.


An everlasting friend to cling to.

The reason is Jesus.

He’s there for you.

He is there you when all feels hopeless. He is there for you when your heart aches and you long to do nothing but sob. He is there for you when your last desire, is to end life and all your misery…

He is HERE for YOU.

And He will forever be here for YOU.

So wipe away the tears. Look up to the sky. And whisper your prayer to your Savior, who has given you new life. A fresh start. And renewing peace. Look up and be refreshed, my friend.

– Keziah ❤

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