2021 Overview

Hey y’all!! 2021 sure went by fast… Here’s an overview of my past year, showing all that I did, some things I learned and my goals for 2022. Hope y’all enjoy!

2021 Overview:


January was a really busy month for me, but it was so great. I began to more-fully understand what loving people unconditionally is like, and I learned so much, this month!!

We got snow in January, which was really exciting for us, since we don’t usually get snow a lot. 😊

I dyed my hair red with henna again, in January! That was really fun, doing it with my dear neighbor (and adopted sister), Hero. πŸ’•

We went to a lodge in Oklahoma and spent the weekend there with another family. It was beautiful, and we had a good time.

I finished crocheting a blanket I had been working on, in January, which was exciting!!

I did a couple photoshoots of myself, which was really fun!

I did a photoshoot of my dear friend Hero, too. πŸ’•

Got to hang out with some of my best friends, including Riley. ❀

We visited three colleges with my cousins, Dad and brother in the middle of January on a weekend. We drove about 24 hours in all and it was super tiring, but we had a great time!! Watched tons of musicals while in the van, sat in on some college classes, toured colleges, stayed up late talking, ate great food, and just overall had a good experience.

I was asked to teach dances at a wedding and the rehearsal, before it. I brought along my best friend Micah, and we taught the dances together. Loads of fun, and we had such a great time. πŸ₯°

We took a CPR/AED class with some of my co-op friends and it was so fun and so fascinating!! I really enjoyed it. 😁

We had a super fun time teaching dances for the wedding!!! πŸ’•


February was a fun month, but also hard. I went through a lot and God taught me a lot. It was hard, but good andi  an so thankful for all that I learned.

All of us high schoolers at co-op.

Our co-op did photographs (I did all the portraits 😊) and it was super fun!!

I did senior photoshoots for a couple of my best friends and it was so awesome!!

We had a lot of snow and ice in February, which is pretty rare for Oklahoma. It was cool!!

I took advantage of the snow we had and took some photos outside. 😁

I crocheted a blanket for some of my dear friends who were getting married. It was fun! 😊

I bought an old trunk from Dad that he had gotten at a house he bought. I fixed it all up and had a fun time.

We ended up getting over 4 feet of snow and it was awesome!! We experienced negative temperatures, which rarely ever happens in Oklahoma. I loved it and it reminded me of when we used to live in Montana. 😊

I had the opportunity to do photos for a theatrical production, and I enjoyed that a lot. It was basically my first time getting paid for photos by someone I didn’t know and it was awesome!!

My dear friends Emma and Nathan were engaged to marry in March, so we had a shower for them at house church, and I gave them the blanket, then. 😊

Some of my amazing neighbors and I did a play off the old book (and Lamplighter Theatre audio drama) “The Robber’s Cave”. I had the lead actress role and it was awesome! Took lots of work, but I had such an amazing time and really bonded more with my neighbors (i.e. those living near us. 😁)!!


The third month of the year was busy, but oh, so much fun. I grew so much in my faith, and God taught me a lot. I had so much fun with friends and overall, March was just a fabulous month.

At co-op, we had to do the short-man skit for improv and we just had so much fun.

Some of my dear friends got married, and my best friend (who also happened to be the brother of the groom) and I taught dances. It was so fun!!!

I did a photoshoot for some of my friends and it was so fun just getting to hang out!

I did another photoshoot of my neighbor and the photos turned out exactly what I wanted… It was fun, getting to go through the pond to take the photos. 😁

Pops is a pretty popular place in Oklahoma, with bottled pop and drinks lined all over the glass walls. They serve amazing food, too. We have gone several times and decided to, just for fun as a family. We had such a great time!!


April was such a great month!! It was super busy, but overall good.

Bubby and I just had some fun hanging out. 😊

We worked a ton in April and were able to work at The Passion Play, which was cool.

Our co-op had a land run day, celebrating the 1889 land run of Oklahoma. It was super fun and we had such a great time.


May was a crazy busy month. My two younger siblings and I were out on the road working with Dad until the 30th, and it was pretty crazy. Really hard, but made some memories and money, which helped. 😁

Really, about the only other thing in May, was going to a dance meeting with my friends, the end of May. It was so fun!!


June was a CRAZY month!! SO full, but really amazing!!

I graduated high school, at the beginning of June!! It was SO fun. I graduated with four guys who I took Chemistry with, my first year of highschool, so it was great being able to hang out again.

My best friend, Micah, started courting me in June! It has been a really sweet time. ❀

A couple days after graduating, I attended Worldview Academy camp, again. It was SO amazing and I learned so much and grew in my faith a TON!

I went to a ball with some friends in June, and that was super fun!!

I took photos for a local theatre of the play, AristoCats! That was super fun.

We spent some time in Kansas with my cousins in June, and had a great time with them.


July was a CRAZY busy month!! There was sooo much we did, but I absolutely loved it all. I grew so, so much spiritually and emotionally and God did some beautiful things in my life, that month.

We went to Iowa for the 4th of July and had a super awesome time with some of our cousins, and being in a parade!!

Micah and I got to spend a lot of time with each other and it was so great. We grew a LOT together. πŸ’•

I took photos for the theatre group again, and had a great time with that!!

My brother and I went mattress shopping with our dad for rental houses he owns and we had a grand time, trying out all the mattresses. 😊

We spent a couple days painting a house and sheds we own, and it was great, doing it with some friends!

Some of my friends and I went to Little Niagara in Oklahoma and had SUCH a fun time!!! It was really great.

I went to Utah on a week-long mission trip, with 25+ kids. It was really really good. We worked on planting an evangelical church in West Jordan (near Salt Lake city) and telling people about it. I learned a lot and made some great memories.


August was a SUPER busy, but amazing month!!! God grew me a lot and it was just a good month, in general.

At the beginning of the month, some friends, family and I attended an abortion intervention ministry that was really really good. We learned a LOT, and got to talk to women going inside.

August 9th is Micah and mine’s anniversary for when we first met, so we celebrated it by playing golf (my first time 😊) and going to Pop’s (an absolutely lovely pop tourist spot). It was so wonderful and we had a lovely time. πŸ₯°

My siblings and I all shocked ourselves on our new electric fence, and it was worse than I thought it would be, and 3 bolts higher than my siblings had thought it was. πŸ˜†

I did a photoshoot of a dear friend of mine, and absolutely loved it.

I also did a photoshoot for a realtor on an apartment duplex, which was great!

One of my best friends (that redhead in the middle of everyone -Riley 😊) had a big birthday party. It was so great to go to!!

My family and I attended a homeschool camp near Tulsa, OK and had so much fun. It was just a great experience.


September was a good, growing month. I learned a lot, God stretched me and it was just good month overall.

Well, we had a 5k to run for a pro life pregnancy clinic, so we started training for it as a family. It was rough (I am absolutely not a natural runner), but it was good and very bonding.

We hung out with random co-op friends, and some of the little kids wanted to take turns doing photos with my camera. It was great!

We set my camera up and did our family photos and it was awesome!!

Micah and I got to hang out a lot with each other and it was great. πŸ₯°

Riley and I got to hang out together and it was so great. πŸ₯°

My Bible study has a “black tie formal” whenever someone new joins (or we just want to dress that way πŸ˜†). Basically, you wear pajamas and a tie. It is super fun!!

We ran the 5k, mid-September!! It was great being able to do it with lots of friends. Rough, but good. 😁

I went to the fair with Micah, his family and some of my other friends. It was soooo fun and we had such a great time!! We had liquid nitrogen ice cream (which is literally the best ice cream on the plant…I cannot even describe it..but it was amazing.), walked and walked a ton, saw We The Kingdom do a concert (which was AWESOME!!!)

Two of my little brothers and I, with our oldest dog, Samson (age 15 in this photo). 😁

Two of my friends, Bailey and GracΓ©, had a big birthday party at the park. We all just hung out, threw a football around and had a great time.


October was a super busy, but really great month. I learned so much, grew in God, got to hang out with friends and just had an awesome time!

We saw Tobymac on tour and it was AMAZING!!!! He is such an inspiring dude. The pre-show, included Jordan Feliz and Tauren Wells, which was super awesome too. We just had such a great time!!

I started a Bible study with a group of friends, which was super awesome. We are still doing it weekly and I love it!

I crocheted a lot in October, too. I went through 20ish skeins of yarn. It was great. πŸ˜†

We went on a road trip to Arizona, mid-October!! We got to hang out with my grandparents and uncle and aunt. We had a great time!

I did a photoshoot for my friends, Nathan and Emma. It was so great!

I babysat more! It was great!

Micah and I got to hang out a lot, which was great. πŸ₯°

Our house church helps feed the homeless every couple weeks, so we did that in October. It was great!!

We had our annual, masquerade ball at the end of October and had SUCH a grand time!!!


November was crazy busy, but amazing! I struggled some with depression and my relationship with God, but He drew me through it and I became stronger through Him. ❀

The very first day of November, my Bible study group and I went to a local college campus and “evangelized” to students about the truth on abortion. It was a very growing experience.

The first weekend of November, my reenacting group was a part of a civil war reenactment. We were a civilian camp, but me, another girl and five of our guys, all were able to participate in the actual Honey springs Battle reenactment. We dressed as soldiers, marched, shot and rolled rounds, and “died” on the battlefield. It was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to participate in other civil war re-enactments!!

We went to the OU vs. Iowa State football game mid-November and had an AMAZING time!!!

A sweet lady and I organized for our house church to do Operation Christmas Child (if you don’t know what that is, totally look it up!). It was really good!

Micah’s family and I took family photos!! It was soo fun and I loved how the photos turned out. πŸ™‚ ❀


December was a good month. It was hard at times…I cried, I laughed…but I learned a lot and overall, it was good! I made so many beautiful memories in December. πŸ™‚

I took photos of a local theatre’s play, The Christmas Carol. It was so, so beautifully done and I had a fantastic time taking photos of it.

I finished crocheting a blanket for my parents for Christmas!! I also crocheted three or four other baby blankets, in December!

We had an airsoft fight (Operation: Bobcat) and Victorian Walk (Victorian re-enactment in our local town. πŸ™‚ ) at the beginning of December. It was sooo fun and we had an amazing time!!

My birthday happened in December and I received some beautiful gifts and I felt very, very loved. ❀

We had a co-op Christmas party and I got to drive some of my favorite people to Braum’s. πŸ™‚

I finally got another car!!! A Lincoln MKZ and I LOVE IT!!!!

I planned a 1950’s Christmas Gala mid-December and we had an AMAZING time!! ❀

I babysat, nannied and babysat some more, in December…I nannied most weekdays, and babysat a couple random times in the month. It was exhausting, but good. πŸ™‚

Micah and I made a gingerbread house out of graham crackers, together at our Bible Study’s Christmas Adam party. It was great!!

Mine and my mom’s corgi had puppies on Christmas Adam!!!

My friend, Ryanne, was in the hospital around Christmas, and a bunch of friends and I went to see her. It was really special and we had a good time talking to her.

Well! That’s about all that happened in 2021! It was a good year, overall. God really, really taught me to lean on Him and to trust Him more than I had, before. I also learned to just love people more (you can’t EVER learn to love too much. πŸ™‚ ) and I deepened some friendships I didn’t know I had, in the first place. ❀

I am SO excited to see what 2022 brings!!

Let me know in the comments how this year was for you!!

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❀

15 thoughts on “2021 Overview”

  1. Whooohoo! I loved reading this and looking at ALL the pics, Keziah!! God bless you in this year and give you strength and hope to get through anything, both painfully hard and wonderfully joyful! πŸ€—

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  2. Such a good post Keziah! And I love the sweet pictures of you and Micah ❀️ So excited to see where God takes you next year! And I loveee that you have a Bible study with your friends! We also have a youth Bible study my best friend and I started and it has been such an amazing journey. Love ya!

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  3. Wow!!! I loved getting to read this! It sounds like 2021 was an absolutely incredible year!! I loved getting to hear about all of the fun things that you got to do and yessss for OU! BOOMER SOONER!!


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  4. I put this aside yesterday to read when I had time, since it was so long, and then I forgot until now… wow! That was long! Looks like you had a great year!

    Liquid nitrogen ice cream is fun. The chemical engineering club at UJ has a liquid nitrogen ice cream demonstration at the Spring Picnic.

    Thanks for sharing!

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