The Art of Observation

Unfortunately, observation in and of itself, is something which our society as a whole, is rapidly ignoring.

The notion that one might slow down in life and simply observe the surroundings about…why, it’s quite unheard of.

And yet, if we were to do this one, simple act…

If we were to but slow down for a moment or two, and simply observe and be watchful of our present surroundings – we’d gain insight on matters we’d known nothing of before, and we would learn to care more for what was about.

You see, when you observe, you choose to care.

Let me extrapolate.

What is more caring – to hurry by a homeless soul, or to observe their poor fate?

The latter of course is more caring, for we have acknowledge where they are currently at, in life.

To observe doesn’t have to be long sequences of staring and pondering. It merely is the notice of something.

The acknowledgement that the “something” is worth observing.

And, let me tell you something.

The more that you choose to observe and acknowledge in life….

The more you shall learn.

The deeper your relationships will grow, by what you are able to observe.

And the fuller your life will be.

Because a life with constant hurrying and no observance or acknowledgement of what is about, is a sad and lonesome life indeed.

-Keziah ❤

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