The Art Of Acting On What You Observe

I recently wrote on, the Art of Observance and was then inspired to write this.

To observe, is to pay close attention and to choose to care.

And yet, when you observe and then act upon what you have observed, you are going even further in your actions.

Suppose you are driving in town, and you see a poor, homeless soul. His clothes are tattered, his body shakes from the cold, frigid air and his thin fingers hold out a sign which begs the reader to give him at least something.

You have just observed this man.

You have chosen to see him and to not ignore him.

You have done, what SO many others neglect to do….observe.

And yet, observing this poor man is not enough.

How could you expect yourself to observe one in such a dire state, and then neglect the opportunity to help?

Observing is caring enough to see, of course…but what good is observance, if it is not acted upon?

What good is you seeing that poor, cold man and acknowledging his state, if you are merely going to leave him in that current state?

It is wrong and it is selfish and yet unfortunately, it is what we as a people, do.

I beg you, friend…to act differently.

To act upon what you have observed.

Be the one person who acknowledges and then acts. Don’t be like everyone else, who merely observe and neglect to do more.

Act upon what you observe.

It’s how lives are forever changed.

Carpe Diem!

-Keziah ❤

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