Embrace Your Best Relationship

A LOT of times, we forget what it is like to have a relationship with God.

With our friends or significant other, we set time aside to hang out and talk. We text and call them frequently and we couldn’t imagine putting someone or something else before them.

Why don’t we feel this way with Jesus?

HE is the One who has saved you.

HE is the One who knows every. single. thing. you’ve EVER done.

Your friends can say they know you well, but they don’t know every single thought you’ve ever had. They don’t know about every single thing you’ve ever done, a lot of which wasn’t that great.

But HE knows all.

And HE loves all. ♡

If HE is our best friend, why aren’t we acting like it??

Why do we make it seem like reading our Bible is a chore, or that praying is so boring and time consuming?

If you can make time to call your friend as you drive to work, or listen to music as you drive, then surely you can make time to turn it off and talk to Your Savior for once.

We need to stop acting like Jesus is some distant Being up above, when He is really close to us and He yearns to be nearer to our hearts.

We need to embrace our relationship with Him and focus on wanting to be with Him more.

In doing so, you’ll find peace beyond anything you’ve ever felt before. ❤

Carpe Diem!

– Keziah ♡

8 thoughts on “Embrace Your Best Relationship”

  1. Beautiful, Keziah! It’s so true – Jesus is the best friend we could ever have, and our relationship with Him ought to reflect our joy at why we love to be with Him!

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