I Got Married!!! ♡ (And Things I Learned)

I got married on August 9th to the man beyond my dreams. It was such an amazing day and I will be posting a video of the ceremony and everything, later on.

I have a couple of things I want to say though, that I learned from planning a wedding and all that, which I feel like can DEFINITELY help in day-to-day life. 💕

1. Never Expect ANYTHING To Be Perfect.

There is something we humans LOVE trying to do…get everything perfect. Just have a perfect job, perfect clothes, perfect relationships and you will have a perfect life, right?

Sorry to break it to, but NOPE. Absolutely NOBODY, no matter how beautiful or perfect they may seem, can be perfect. In fact, it usually seems like the people who try the hardest to seem perfect, are the people who are the MOST messed up when you get down deep.

STOP trying to make your life perfect. It will never, EVER work and it will just hurt you even more in the process. Nobody is perfect, so nobody can have a perfect life.

You can try and act like you’ve got everything perfect, but you’re just setting yourself up for misery and failure. Why? Because when something happens out of your control and you don’t look perfect anymore, you’re going to feel like you failed at everything.

When in reality, you were just being human..which is pretty much the exact OPPOSITE of Perfection. STOP setting yourself up for failure by failing to remember that NOBODY can be perfect.

We are all human. We all mess up. Get used to it and embrace your imperfection.


If you’ve been reading my blog much at all, you know I’ve always been a HUGE proponent of just constantly loving everybody.

As much as I LOVE to talk about this, it is still really hard for me a lot of times.

There were a couple times where people weren’t all that supportive of Micah and I getting married and it was really hard to get past that and still love them. I’m STILL working on this, honestly.

But, you know what? It CAN be done and when you truly forgive someone and love them, that they are imperfect just like you are, you have grown more spiritually and your relationship with them will most likely be tighter. Even if it isn’t, you can come away knowing that YOU did the right thing.

That’s all I got for y’all! I will be posting more photos later. 😊❤

I will try to keep blogging but it may be a bit sporadic for now. I love you guys!!

– Keziah ❤❤



34 thoughts on “I Got Married!!! ♡ (And Things I Learned)”

  1. Eeeek. I’ve been waiting for this ALL month! lol The pictures were amazing, but what you said about love…yeah. I’ve been learning about that a lot recently. Love you girl! ❤️

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  2. Aw, congratulations, Keziah! Your dress is absolutely beautiful! And thank you for encouraging us to embrace imperfection. It’s something that I’ve been learning to accept and work through with my own life 🙂

    Blessings to you and Micah on the start of your new life together *sends big hug*

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