Let’s Save Lives TOGETHER!!

Y’all, I’m at it again!! Going to participate in this AWESOME fundraising for this amazing pro-life clinic!! I know that I can trust you guys to help babies come into this world and to save life. Let’s do this together, because together we save lives!! ❤❤


I would SO appreciate y’all helping me out financially here. I totally believe in giving money to God and this is an AMAZING way to celebrate God and His love for us! For through your funds, you can spread this amazing love for life and God’s creation!! ❤

Even if you cannot support financially, PLEASE keep this pregnancy crisis centre in your prayers and just the precious lives all around us, but not yet born. ❤❤

Also I would really appreciate y’all sharing this post!!! It helps amazingly!

– Keziah 🧡


6 thoughts on “Let’s Save Lives TOGETHER!!”

  1. Wow… I clicked on the link… all these corporate sponsors who aren’t afraid of being blacklisted for supporting a pro-life organization. So different from what things are like in my state, especially these days. It’s really sad what they’re doing with my tax dollars now…

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